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Friday, 23 August 2019

Little Star Olympiads

English Olympiad

We need language to learn, to retain and to recall our knowledge. It is the primary need of the child. A child comes into the world with everything to learn or experience. Dean writes, “Language is a response to experience and rich experience is essential to language development." In a multilingual counsample in India, English is one of the main communication languages. It is a symbol of participation in national and international life.

Math Olympiad

Little Star Mathematics Olympiad has been designed to provide the foundation children need to succeed in elementary school and beyond. For example, number sense, or the basic learning about numbers. It is the first vital math skill a child must develop before reaching elementary level. Children must learn to count forwards and backwards early in childhood to learn the relationship between numbers in the future.

EVS Olympiad

India’s National Policy on Education (1986) states, “There is a paramount need to create a consciousness of the environment. It must permeate all ages and all sections of the society beginning with the child.” Toeing the line Little Star EVS Olympiad has been designed, such that the children are able to understand, appreciate, develop and adopt a multidisciplinary perspective of environment and its conservation.

For Students
Certificate of Participation – For every Participant
Exciting prizes and Merit Certificate along with Gold/Silver/Bronze Medals for every class topper (1st, 2nd & 3rd class rank holders) provided they secure more than 50% of Marks.
Exciting prizes for all students along with Merit Certificate – For Securing more than 75% (Distinction Marks)

Note: One student will be eligible for one (highest) prize only.

For Schools

School Participation Trophy
Certificates for Coordinating Teachers
State-wise Performance Excellence Awards for School/Coordinating Teachers


For schools in India, a participation fee of Rs. 160/- from schools ($USD 8 for outside India) (including GST) per student per Olympiad

Date of Olympiad
School can opt any date for the examination in the Month of October/November. Examination date must be opted in the ‘School Registration Form’. We must receive the Registration Form one month prior to the examination date.


  1. Is it compulsory to apply through school?

  2. My child is 4.5 years old. Is he eligible to participate in any of these ?

    1. You may contact the organisers for further information

  3. Individual registration is there

  4. Where can I get the materials

  5. My kid is class2 . She applied for this exam and where can I get the previous exam papers?

  6. Can u please let us know about materials as well as work books

  7. When will be the little star olympiad?

  8. We're to contact if any query. Is der any practice material available


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