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Friday, 19 March 2021

Ganga Quest 2021 - Online Quiz Competition

Ganga Quest is a national bilingual (Hindi and English) online quiz on Ganga being conducted by National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG), an authority under the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development, and Ganga Rejuvenation, Government of India. NMCG has the mandate for the effective implementation of NamamiGange Program and Ganga Quest is under its Public Outreach activities.

TREE Craze Foundation (TCF), a not for profit organization committed to Ganga, Rivers, and Environment is its executive partner for Ganga Quest. The quiz is designed, conceptualized, and developed by TCF. Wildlife Institute of India (WII), a premier internationally acclaimed institute on wildlife research and management has supported TCF in development of question banks especially for biodiversity conservation theme. WII is also providing its publications in the knowledge kit being awarded to the first 100 participants. GIZ (The Deutsche The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH), a German development agency that provides services in the field of international development cooperation, is also providing the materials prepared under its 'Ganga Box' program for knowledge kit. Also, GIZ will organize knowledge activities through international experts for schools with maximum participation. The development and awards of Ganga Quest is sponsored by VA Tech Wabag, an Indian multinational company, pioneering in sustainable water solutions.

Eligibility: Any Indian citizen who is residing in the country and has attained the age of 10 years as on 31st March’2020 is eligible to participate in the contest.

Ganga Quest registration will start from 22 March 2021.
Ganga Quest will begin from 7the April 2021, World Health Day
This Quiz will end on 8th May 2020, World Migratory Birds Day
Live Quiz 5th June 2021 World Environment Day
Prize ceremony scheduled on 20th of June, Ganga Dusshera

Details of Rounds
Round I – It is the qualifying round. There is no right or wrong answer in this round. We just want to capture what you perceive about our rivers. Only when you have attempted all 10 answers, you can attempt Round II. In this round, I want you to give your honest opinions and not get influenced by opinions of your friends, parents, teachers, etc.

Round II – You can move to the next round only when you have attempted all 10 questions correctly. The good news is that you can attempt it as many number of times as you want. Once you submit an unanswered question or an answer, I will tell you the correct answer and will also tell some interesting facts related to the question. It is a wonderful round where you will enhance your knowledge and expand your thoughts.

Round III – It is the last online round to select the candidates for the final live quiz. Before you start attempting this round, please make sure you are sitting at a comfortable and quiet place with a computer or laptop connected to a charger. If you are using a computer, please make sure that you are protected from power-cuts. In case you are using a laptop, make sure it is charged. You only get to attempt it once, and accuracy along with time taken to answer decides the winner.

To start with, you need to select one of the following four themes:

Historical and Cultural & Socio-economic Significance of Ganga
Physical geography & Famous places and personalities
Current Affairs & Governance
Flora and Fauna & Pollution/water treatment technology
Questions will be asked only from the theme chosen. Any attempt to use Google or other search engines to answer the question will increase the time taken and hence would reduce your chances to be a winner. At the end of the quiz, your performance will be displayed on the screen along with the average time taken by other participants.

Sustainable Water Solutions

Round 1
Questions to assess Attitude Orientation

Qualifying Round (10 questions)
Captures perception/attitude orientation
No right/wrong answer
All questions need to be answered
Sustainable Water Solutions

Round 2
Questions to build knowledge
10 questions
Feedback mechanism
All questions need to be correctly answered
Can be attempted any number of times
Number of attempts – criteria of selection in case of a tie.
Sustainable Water Solutions

Round 3
Questions to assess knowledge

Final Round (10 questions)
Most important round for announcing winners
1 theme to be selected out of 4
Accuracy and time taken - criteria of selecting participants for the live quiz.
Can only be attempted once

Live Quiz
A live quiz will be conducted for each grade between the top 3 theme-wise weekly winners of round III. The winners of live quiz will be declared as the overall winners of Ganga Quest 2021.

Practice Quiz on Ganges and other rivers of India


  1. How we can get the result of this quiz

    1. It will be published on the organiser's website and the winner will be intimated

  2. May I know when the results of this quiz will be declared?

  3. When will the result declare?

  4. How can I get to know who is the winner

    1. Visit for winners list

  5. how can i see my result ..n get my participation certificate

  6. Link to result is provided above.

  7. How can I check my position in the quiz

  8. Results for grade 9 declared

  9. How I can register in ganga quiz competition now?


  10. How I can register in ganga quiz competition

  11. How can I register in ganga guest quiz competition present (2020)?

  12. The registration supposed to start from today. But there seems to be some technical problem with their site. You can register in the coming days. Visit the site later.
    All the best!

  13. How can I register the form

  14. The site is not opening can you please help me out in this because I want to register for this quiz

  15. How to registration gangaquiest

  16. How can I register my name for this comp. ?

  17. This is nice and wonderful quiz

  18. For OTP no place is there to fill.

  19. Is their any sample paper. So that we can prepare for this exam.

  20. For level 3 round, we need to select two themes out of 8. Please confirm all these themes questions are related River Ganga or generic ?
    Eg: Current Affairs- Question on current affairs is related to Ganga or general current affairs?

    1. Probably will be connected to Ganga and other rivers of India. For clarification you may contact the organisers


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