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Wednesday 1 April 2020

Wild Wisdom Quiz 2020 - National level Wildlife Quiz Competition

Registration for Wild Wisdom Quiz 2020 is open now!

About Wild Wisdom Quiz

Wild Wisdom Quiz started in 2008 as an opportunity to sensitize students towards India's rich biodiversity and natural heritage. Since its launch, it has scaled up with every subsequent year to become Asia's biggest and India's only National level Wildlife Quiz. 

Wild Wisdom is a unique opportunity for schools across India to facilitate knowledge and consciousness among students towards environment and wildlife. It enables the participants to think critically ,research and apply what they learn in the process.It is a singular competition which focuses on learning rather than on scores. With participants from all over India, Wild wisdom quiz has already begun creating future environmental leaders who with their sharp minds and wise hearts can make the planet a better place to live.

And now, Wild Wisdom has gone global! YOU could be the next Wild Wisdom Quiz champion and make your parents and school proud - and even do great things for your country!

Wild Wisdom 2020: Exploring Our Planet
The WWF-India Wild Wisdom Quiz that started in 2008 as a modest initiative in just one city, today reaches out to 51853 students in 800 schools in 260 cities and 14 states in two countries. The quiz works to support and align with targets set at Aichi between the Secretariat of the Convention for Biodiversity (CBD) and WWF-International. Thematic in nature, the Wild Wisdom Quiz promotes people's understanding of the value of biodiversity and enables acceptance of the steps necessary for its sustainable use (CBD Aichi Target 1).


In Wild Wisdom 2020, you will learn about, and be quizzed on, the fascinating biomes and their features such as:

- Lesser known plants and animals
- Interdependence in biomes
- Adaptations in species
- Unique Ecological Behaviours and adaptations
- Innovative solutions/technology for conservation
- Conservationists around the world who are leading a change

Exciting prizes!

The winners of Wild Wisdom 2019 get to go on a fabulous, exclusive trip with WWF wildlife experts to a National Park/ Nature Reserve in India, with trophies, medals and prizes for top performers at each level of the quiz! Every participant gets a certificate and free access to 6 Wild Wisdom Nugget e-newsletters filled with exciting quizzes.

Wild Wisdom Quiz dates

School Level:
July to September, 2020
State level:
October, 2020
National level:
24th November, 2020
International Level:
25th November, 2020

Registration for Primary-Middle School (Class 3-8)
Registration through schools only

Payment option 1. Number of students: 1-99.
Registration fee per student: INR 100/-.
No Reimbursement
Minimum registrations 30

Payment option 2. Number of students: 100-199.
Registration fee per student: INR100/-.
School retains to INR 500/- for overhead charges for conducting the quiz.

Payment option 3. Number of students: More than 200
Registration fee per student: INR50/-.
School retains to INR 1000/- for overhead charges for conducting the quiz.

Participation certificate to all
Free access to 6 online E-newsletter- Wild Wisdom Nuggets pre-series

Last date to Register- July 2020

Further information and registration click here

Sample Papers and Practice Questions

Click here for practice quizzes (questions with answers and explanations) 
Previous year questions paper (only junior available)

Books for Preparation
Note: The books are available at a discounted price now

The Wild Wisdom Quiz Book

The Wild Wisdom Quiz Book Vol. 2

Rupa Book of World Wildlife Quiz

Rupa Book of Indian Wildlife Quiz

Rupa Book of Animal Quiz

Quiz For Kids - Fish (Series 2)

The Wildlife Quiz Book

Quiz For Kids - Amphibian & Reptile (Series 5)

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