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Sunday 13 March 2016

How to Prepare for Green Olympiad - Green Olympiad Previous Question Papers and Sample Papers

Green Olympiad and Green Olympiad Junior are India's best environmental examination conducted annually by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).

Eligibility for Green Olympiad: Students of Class VIII to X
Green Olympiad Junior: Students of Class IV - V

The Green Olympiad question paper is for 100 marks with 100 multiple choice questions. All the questions will be related to environment and to the theme chosen for the year. The Green Olympiad question papers are well known for the quality of well researched questions.

How to Prepare for Green Olympiad

To score high in Green Olympiad you need to prepare by regularly reading newspapers and magazines related to environment. Magazines like Down to Earth and TerraGreen will be helpful in preparation.

Sample papers are available at
You may see the Green Olympiad previous year question papers to get an idea about the questions.
Green Olympiad and Enviroquiz published by TERI are also available for preparation.
Also read books on environments, environment quiz books etc.
It will also be helpful watching informative television channels - Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet etc.
The EVS textbooks  will also be helpful for preparation.
TERI has recently introduced an app for assessing your green quotient. You can download it from Google Play Store by clicking here.

You may visit for quizzes on environment which contains question from previous year olympiads and practice questions for preparation

Green Olympiad Practice Quizzes
Green Olympiad Previous Year Question Papers
The last few years question papers of Green Olympiad is available for download here.

Useful Books for Preparation for Green Olympiad
There are no Official Study Materials for Green Olympiad, but TERI has published some books.   The links are provided below.Green Olympiad mock test are also not available.

Some importance websites that will be useful for preparing for Green Olympiad are given below.
The Green Olympiad certificates to the participants and merit certificates will be despatched on publication of the results. The results will be available on  Green Olympiad site which can be viewed individually of school-wise.
All the best.
Leave you suggestions or questions, if any as a comment.


  1. Are there any papers of previous years for Junior Olympiad

    1. Sample question papers available at Teri website.

  2. plz provide study material for class 4 for olympiad preparation n sample paper of last year too

    1. Currently only the book enviro-challenge is available from TERI. Books from other publishers and the EVS textbooks of classes 3 and above and the websites given above will also be helpful in preparing.The environment quizzes available at will provide previous year questions and practice questions for such competitions.

  3. To prepare Green Olympiad, TERI has published second edition of Enviro-Challenge, which contains last year questions prepare and very helpful for students.

  4. Good. Student shall have a good exposure about environment

  5. Can you pls provide study material for class 9

    1. There are no specific materials for any class. Please go through the previous year papers and as mentioned read the articles and books on environment with special attention to the theme for this year. All the best

  6. Excellent but now need to get study material and sample paper on "Environment and Sustainable Development" related topics to prepare Green Olympiad 2017 for junior class.

  7. There is no answer of question paper 2011,2012 and all are same question paper???

  8. Where can I get the enviro-challenge book pdf for free

  9. Can I get sample papers or mock tests links for green Olympiad for class 7. Please.


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