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Thursday 2 January 2020

IFSE Global Mathematical Talent Probe

Global Mathematical Talent Probe
Global Mathematical Talent Probe (GMTP) is a standardized mathematical assessment that is conducted every year in schools around the world.

Rapid globalization is seeing the emergence of a global mathematical standard that can be used to assess the level of mathematics around the world. Studies show that increased use of computers has hampered our ability to perform mental/verbal calculations, a skill that is essential to a strong mathematics foundation. With the ultimate aim to sustain high quality of academics, IFSE Global Inc. encourages all quality conscious schools to participate in time tested tests like Global Mathematical Talent Probe.

Global Mathematical Talent Probe measures students’ understanding of key mathematical concepts
Our threadbare analysis for every section gives a clear picture of student performance when compared against the rest of the world, and helps you identify areas that need immediate focus.
Global Mathematical Talent Probe is graded according to the age and level of child and can be taken by students of classes I to XII.
Global Mathematical Talent Probe contains a total of 50 multiple-choice questions. The duration of the test is 110 minutes.

*The results are declared within 15 days*

The principals of all participating schools will be honored with IFSE’s versatility award.
High performance award for up to two Mathematics teachers, for recognizing their dedicated efforts. The school principal may nominate these teachers during registration.
The participants get exposure to the competitive world sooner, and fills them with motivation and confidence.
Subsidized fee of USD 12 for teacher’s children and meritorious students not exceeding ten in total.
Top ranking students will be honored with gold-plated IFSE medals
A large number of prizes encourage the students to excel their performance
Certificates giving enlightening feedback such as student’s grade and position at global level.
Any number of students can participate in this test.

Fee: INR 180
Last date: 8 January 2020

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