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Saturday 19 August 2023

H & C All Kerala Quiz Competition 2023-24

H & Stores wholeheartedly welcome and invite the participation of schools across the state of Kerala for the H & C All Kerala Quiz Competition 2023-24. 

The Quiz Competition aims to find the best quizzing brains in the state and spread the wave of knowledge. Exciting prizes await the winners. The competition shall be conducted on four levels: School, Zonal, District, and State. The winners of the State-level shall be honored by Mr. Siddhartha Basu who is known as the Quiz Mastermind

Competition Format 

All Government, Aided, Private, CBSE, and ICSE school students can participate under the banner of the school without registration fees. The medium of the competition, including that of the written test, will be English. The written tests, in both the zonal and school \evels, will have Multiple Choice Questions alone. Any number of willing students are welcome to participate in the first level. 

The schools interested in participating must inform the organizing committee of their interest via e-mail (helphandc@gmail.com). The e-mail should include the total number of participants in the school-level written test, from each class. This is required for arranging the adequate number of Quiz booklets to reach the school prior to the date of the test. 

School-Level: The first level of the competition will be conducted in the respective schools as a written test. The duration of the test will be 1 hour. The four top scorers from each grade - 6, 7 & 8 will be selected from the participating schools. These students will then be arranged into 6 teams of two members each, i.e., two teams representing each grade. They shall be the participants in the zonal-level contest. 

At the school-level competition, we would like the schools to evaluate the answered Quiz booklets (The answer key for the same will be shared with the schools) after the exam and send the details of the winners from each class. Also, we would like to get a detailed list of students who have scored more than 80% in the written test. We intend to honour them with certificates.

Timeline: Last date to register : September 12
 School-Level : October 
 Zonal-Level : October 28
District-Level : November 15-30
State-Level : January 13 at Ernakulam 

Topics and Areas for the Quiz 

The quiz will be based on the book series Know for Sure by the renowned quiz master 

Mr. Siddhartha Basu. Though a majority of the questions will be based ©M this book, there will be questions based on general knowledge and current affairs as Well. The distribution of questions will be as follows: 

For class 6: 85% from Know for Sure Book 5,  15% GK and Current Affairs 
For class 7: 80% from Know for Sure Book  6 ,20% GK and Current Affairs 
For class 8: 80% from Know for Sure Book  7,  20% GK and Current Affairs

Cash Prizes, trophies, certificates and gift vouchers to be won.

To register send email to helphandc@gmail.com



  1. Dear H&C All Kerala Quiz Competition Authorities,

    As a concerned parent, I am writing to express my disappointment with the District-level Quiz competition held at Devagiri, Calicut today. While it was specified that the competition format for school and zonal levels would be multiple-choice questions, there was no mention that the district level exam would be Buzzer type. This lack of information denied many children the chance to appear for most questions, as they were not trained beforehand to appear for such types of exams. It would have been better if you had clearly informed the schools or winners beforehand that the competition would be in buzzer type, so that kids could have been trained beforehand to appear for such type of exams.
    Additionally, I would like to suggest that both First and Second prize winners should be given the chance to take part in the State level competition. This would be a more proper testing method and would give more children the opportunity to showcase their knowledge, which otherwise have denied with such practices.
    Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    1. Hi
      This is to inform you that we are not the organisers of the quiz contest. We simply provide competition alerts and are not associated with the organisers in any way.
      By the way, as we know, H & C had informed the schools concerned about the format of the quiz and related to buzzer round.
      You may write to M/s. H & C Books with your suggestions.


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