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Friday, 27 May 2022

Wild Wisdom Global Challenge 2022

Top 20 National Level Winners in India got a chance to interact with WWF India’s Education brand ambassador, The Chess Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand.

Do you know what’s so special about 2022? It’s the year of the tiger a once in a 12 year opportunity to come together to celebrate and secure a future for the most awe inspiring species of our planet.

Hence, in its 15th edition, Wild Wisdom is tracing the trails of tigers and the vast wild spaces they inhabit across the globe. Join us in this journey and earn your stripes as a tiger champion.

Wild Wisdom Challenge 2022 is taking registrations by schools only. The challenge is open to students from Grade 6th-9th only.
Tiger is the apex predator of the food chain and the umbrella species of the ecosystem. Register for Wild Wisdom and participate to become the apex winner of the challenge!

1. Mark your territory by registering to the wild wisdom global challenge.

2. Gear up for the expedition with exciting information and resources.

3. Roar for tigers
- Compete against other quizzers at zonal level
- Raise awareness about tigers in your school or at home through creative posters. Share and tag us on facebook
- Send a postcard to WWF India pledging your support to save the tiger

4. Ace the National level round against zonal level winners in the virtual live quiz.

5. Become the Wild Wisdom Global Champion by competing with country-level winners from across the globe and get a chance to win a wildlife safari for your family*

School Registration
(Minimum participation of 200 students) INR 50 per student
School Registration
(Minimum participation of 100 students) INR 75 per student
School Registration
(Less than 100 students) INR 100 per student

How to Participate?

Schools will have to fill up the registration form on the wild wisdom website (https://quiz.wwfindia.org/register) and will make bulk payment depending on the number of interested students (between 100 – 200 and more).
Post registration, the schools will receive a confirmation email with dashboard link and unique student registration link for their school students. The teacher coordinator will forward the student registration link to all students. Each student will have to register using the link and complete the registration. Coordinating teacher ensures all students have competed the registration.

The coordinating teacher can check the total number of registered students on the school’s dashboard provided to them.

Registrations will close by 22 August, 2022. For Individual Challenge last date is 25th September, 2022

The Wild Wisdom Global Challenge2022 comprises the following levels – India Zonal level, National and International Level.

Individual Challenge
You can also participate in the individual challenge. Register and participate in the challenge from 10-19 October to earn your place in the global leaderboard
This is open for children aged 10 to 14 years only

Practice Quz


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