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Friday, 30 July 2021

Junior InCTF: India's First High School Hacking Competition

Young Hackers Are Born Here,
Become the Next Cyber Security Warrior.
Participate in the 6th edition of India's First & Premier Hacking & Cyber Security Contest for High School Students, organized by team bi0s, India's No.1 ranked CTF Team.Join the brightest young hackers in the learn & hack CTF contest, win exciting prizes & kick-start your cyber-security career.
Event Timeline

Registration - July to November

Learning round (self paced) - July to October

Training round (from tech experts) - October to November

Elimination round (State level) - November

Finals and International conference - December

What is Junior InCTF?
Amrita InCTF Junior is a National level Cybersecurity contest for school students in India. Realizing the vital role cybersecurity plays now and in the future for a safer world, many countries are now introducing cybersecurity education at the school level to develop interest and nurture talent in this area. Participation in the contest is fully free and no prior knowledge is required for taking part.

CTFs (Abbreviation for Capture The Flag) are a type of computer security competition. Contestants are presented with a set of challenges which test their creativity, technical (and googling) skills, and problem-solving ability. Challenges usually cover a number of categories, and when solved, each yields a string (called a flag) which is submitted to an online scoring service. CTFs are a great way to learn a wide array of computer security skills in a safe, legal environment, and are hosted and played by many security groups around the world for fun and practice.

Any student studying in India in Class VIII to XII

Participation is fully free: there are no fees for participating in the contest.

How to Prepare

The challenges from the previous round of InCTFj are accessible. The detailed solutions to these challenges will be put up later on. New users can use these solutions to learn as the challenges for this round might cover similar concepts as well. It might also be helpful to learn a bit of programming in languages such as C, Python, Javascript and HTML.

Students finishing at top of the CTF leaderboard will be awarded with exciting goodies and prizes, and they will also get access to exclusive online cyber-security training following the contest. All other participants will also receive certificates.

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