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Thursday, 28 May 2020

Our World Is Kind: A Global Photography Contest

Envision Kindness is a non-profit (charity) organization based in Connecticut, USA, that promotes kindness, compassion, joy, and love through the sharing of images and stories of kindness. Driven by science, the goal is to improve individual lives and communities by inspiring goodness and happiness in as many people as possible.  

The objective of this contest is to see and share kindness, compassion, and empathy with others. Can you capture kindness in its many forms?

Be a part of the movement. Submit your images and #PictureABetterWorld
Over the last three years, the Our World is Kind Photography Contest has generated over 6,000 submissions from 2000+ photographers in more than 120 countries. These moving images have inspired kindness, love, gratitude, and joy in tens of thousands of global viewers.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to work together to spread kindness and connection through our communities.

That’s why Our World is Kind is back for 2020, seeking images from kind and talented photographers to help inspire kindness, joy, and healing around the world.

This contest is open to all photographers 18 years of age and older worldwide

What Does Kindness Look Like?

Where do you see moments of kindness in your community? What stories can you tell?

Here's a bit of inspiration to help you capture these impactful moments.
Your photos can document real life experiences or illustrate a concept. What does kindness look like to you?

Kind People
We see kindness in people every day. In people we know and those we haven’t met yet. People lending a hand, helping others, sharing a meal, a smile, or paying it forward. And self-kindness.

Kindness in Nature
There is kindness in animals, in a heart shape leaf, in hikers lending a hand, in protecting the environment, and much more. When we take the time, we can see kindness all around.

Kindness in the Community
Our communities are filled with kindness! At work, in places of worship, from non-profits, through fundraising efforts, and in public spaces and shops. Showcase your community organization!

General Guidelines

  • Participants must submit their own original work.
  • Participants may submit up to 5 entries total. An entry consists of one photo, in addition to the completed information fields.
  • Images of kindness can be either as they occurred (documentary style) or as they are conceived of (or recreated) to illustrate concepts or past events.  The submissions are only as limited as the creativity of the photographer.
  • All submissions must:
    • Be at least 3000 Pixels on long dimension at 300 dpi
    • Use Adobe RGB for color space
    • Be JPEG (at max quality) or TIFF file formats up to 10MB file size
  • All submissions must be made through the dedicated contest platform: envisionkindnesscontest.org.  Submissions received outside this platform (via email or other methods) will not be accepted.
  • All content submitted must be entirely original with all rights owned by the submitter. Material violating copyright laws will be disqualified. If there is more than one creator for a submission, the other co-creators need to be acknowledged and have given permission to the named creator who submits the entry.  Submitter must be able to grant Envision Kindness a non-exclusive license to use the image(s).
  • Content must be appropriate for all audiences. The content should be universally positive although “negative” content that has clear kindness relevance and results in an uplifting message will also be accepted.
  • Submissions must be entirely devoid of the following:
    • Nudity/explicit sexual content
    • Excessive violence/aggression/hostility
    • Anything demeaning or otherwise insulting or dehumanizing
  • All submissions will be reviewed by the contest administrators for adherence with this policy as well as the base standards and specifications described above.
  • Submissions that do not appear to have anything to do with kindness, compassion, empathy, or love may be rejected at the discretion of Envision Kindness staff.
  • Entries that have been published elsewhere are acceptable as long as there are no restrictions to provide Envision Kindness a non-exclusive license to use the image as described under “Terms”.
  • Photos from previous Envision Kindness contests are acceptable as long as they have not received any award through an Envision Kindness competition (i.e. First Place, Public Choice, Honorable Mention).
  • Model releases are required from any and all individuals captured in their submission having a realistic expectation of privacy. Envision Kindness has model release forms available here. Please see “Terms” below for more detail regarding Model Releases.
  • All submissions must adhere to all posted rules and terms of participation and be received by the June 30, 2020 deadline to be eligible for consideration for awards.
  • There is no entry fee for entering the contest.
  • This contest and the payment of prize money is governed by the laws of the United States of America.

Finalist Selection

Finalists are selected through online voting (20) or by the Envision Kindness staff (20). 10 additional photos will be selected by the Envision Kindness staff to be considered for the Nonprofit Honoree Prize!

Must be 18 years of age or older to enter


First Place $500

Nonprofit Honoree $500

Public Choice  $500

Honorable Mention $100 (3)

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