Monday, 5 December 2016

Nucleus, The Centre of Science in asosciation with the leading national News Paper, The Hindu, is organising YUVASASTHRA -2016-17 - a seach for young talents in Science and Mathematics now studying in Class X.

Date : 01 January, 2017

A student can apply for Yuvasastra 16-17 by any one of the following procedures (A or B):

A. Submit the application online -  :
 Visit and submit the application online as per the instructions before 15.12.2016.
The student will receive a confirmation SMS after successful submission of the online application in the Registered Mobile Number.

B. Submit the application offline - :
Get the printed application form along with the printed instructions from school authorities or from Nucleus office directly. Read the instructions carefully.
 Fill up all the 3 sections viz, A. Personal Details, B. General Details and C. Contact Details of the application form carefully, neatly and accurately. Leave a box between different parts of your name and initials if any.

Question paper is available in 2 languages. Specify your choice of language in the application form.
Fill the application form appropriately as instructed and submit the completed application form to the teacher in charge (before 28.11.2016) or to the Nucleus Office directly (before 30.11.2016).
The student will receive a confirmation SMS between 5th and 15th of Dec.2016 in the Registered Mobile Number.

The student will receive a second SMS when the Admission Ticket is ready to download (between 10th and 20th of Dec.2016). After receiving the SMS the student can visit and download the Admission Ticket. Get it printed, affix A RECENT COLOUR PASSPORT SIZE PHOTOGRAPH (taken within last 6 months) on the box specified. The student as well as the guardian/parent should sign on the specified columns of the Admission Ticket. Signature of the student and the parent are mandatory on the ADMISSION TICKET.
No student will be allowed to write the examination without a COMPLETE ADMISSION TICKET.

 Exam will be held at Palakkad on Sunday 1st January 2017. The student shall report at the exam venue on time as prescribed in the Admission Ticket. Late comers will not be allowed to attend the The questions will be based on science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology) of 8
th, 9th and 10th syllabus (State as well as CBSE).

The list of the winners will be published on 20.01.2016. Complete result will be available at The total prize for the winners of Yuvasastra will be Rs. 11 Lakhs.

The details of Prize (cash awards* and scholarships) for the winners of Yuvasastra are as 
Rank 1 : Total Prize worth Rs. 50,000.00 (Cash prize of Rs. 10000.00* + Scholarship worth Rs. 40,000.00)
Rank 2 : Total Prize worth Rs. 35,000.00 (Cash prize of Rs. 5000.00* + Scholarship worth Rs. 30,000.00)
Rank 3 : Total Prize worth Rs. 23,000.00 (Cash prize of Rs. 3000.00* + Scholarship worth Rs. 20,000.00)
Rank 4 – 20 : Total Prize worth Rs. 12,000.00 each (Cash prize of Rs. 2000.00* + Scholarship worth
Rs. 10,000.00)
Rank 21 – 150 : Total Prize worth Rs. 5,000.00 each (Scholarship worth Rs. 5,000.00)
Rank 151 – 200 : Total Prize worth Rs. 2,000.00 each (Scholarship worth Rs. 2,000.00)

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