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Tuesday 5 March 2024

The Genius Alchemy International Model United Nations 2024 (TGAMUN’24)

The Genius Alchemy has recently introduced TGAMUN, International MUN for all enthusiasts whether in school or college. This is the Online Edition 1.0 fulfilled with diplomacy, fun and sea of knowledge. With the amazing prizes and rewards for the winners, The Genius Alchemy will reward all the delegates with several pers. This two day conference aims to bring students from diverse backgrounds internationally and hold a debate for representations of views from different backgrounds. This will enable collaboration among the students. We’ll have committee sessions, socialization sessions, random talks and a whole lot of fun throughout the conference. We promise it won’t be a boring one, be assured! Below are the details about the MUN: 


APRIL 27, 2024 - APRIL 28, 2024




REGISTRATION ENDS: April 22, 2024 

TRAINING SESSIONS: April 24, 2024 - April 25, 2024

MUN KITS SEND OUTS: April 26, 2024 



APRIL 27, 2024- APRIL 28, 2024 


APRIL 27, 2024- 10 AM- 5 PM 

APRIL 28, 2024- 9 AM-2 PM 


REGISTRATION FEES: 800/- per delegate 

United Nations General Assembly (UNGA)

United Nations High Commission for Human Rights (UNHCR) 

Space Science Committee (SSC) 

United Nations Security Council (UNSC) 


UNGA : Deliberating on Israel-Palestine Conflict 

UNHCR: Deliberating on improvising Refugees' access to jobs and financial services

SSC:  Deliberating on sustainable space travel and colonization with special emphasis on futuristic technology

UNSC: Deliberating on the Threat of Non State Terrorist Groups with special emphasis on the Islamic State

Rules and Regulations 

Delegates must show respect to fellow delegates, chairs, and staff at all timesin the committee sessions.

Delegates should arrive on time for all committee sessions, speeches, and other scheduled events. Lateness may result in penalties. An itinerary will be shared with all the delegates prior to the MUN by The Genius Alchemy Team. 

Delegates are expected to thoroughly research their assigned country or character, understand their position on the given topics, and come prepared with well-researched speeches and proposals. Background Guides will be shared.

Delegates should contribute constructively to the debate by delivering speeches, participating in moderated and unmoderated caucuses, and engaging in diplomatic negotiations with other delegates.

Delegates must maintain a professional demeanor and use appropriate language and behavior during debates and interactions with others.

Delegates should actively participate in the drafting and negotiation of resolutions, working collaboratively with other delegates to create feasible and effective solutions to the issues at hand.

Delegates are expected to attend all committee sessions unless excused by the chairs. Excessive absences may result in penalties.

Delegates must abide by the decisions and resolutions adopted by the committee, even if they do not fully align with their personal views or the position of their assigned country or character.

Special Instructions– Online Conference

The Genius Alchemy will release the itinerary/schedule for 2 days MUN one-two weeks before the event. 

All delegates are expected to enter with their assigned countries at the conference. followed by their committee. (E.g. USA UNGA) 

The webcam of the delegates has to be switched on throughout the session unless it is a break for the delegates. The microphone may be kept open until there is no background noise. Try to avoid background noise!

Fun Note: Delegates may keep their backgrounds as the flags of their countries to indicate the country (Optional Suggestion) 

Your Benefits (For All Delegates)

Free access to Background Guides and Training Sessions
2-days Remote MUN (Accessible Worldwide)
Collaboration with People from Diverse Backgrounds
Participation Certificates and Letter of Appreciation
Experienced Secretariat and Socializing Sessions for Delegates
Knowledge Expanding Event fulfilled with 24/7 Support for First Time MUNers along with General Feedback for delegates

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