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Thursday 7 December 2023

STEM4Creativity Challenge

STEM4Girls is honored and excited to announce a grant opportunity for students interested in STEM projects; Science Technology, Engineering, and Math. In order to promote creativity in the STEM field, STEM4Girls will be assisting students with up to $250 to work on a unique STEM-based project that follows the guidelines listed below. These grants are available for students that identify as female, or with at least one student identifying as female within the team.

 Three categories including elementary, middle-school and high/secondary schools are eligible to participate. Each team can have 4-10 students with at least one female. 

Project Proposals
The project proposals will be reviewed by the experts and 5 outstanding projects from each category will be funded for completing the proposed research. Students may also submit a report at the end of the challenge period to get more funding for their future projects. A potential grant of a maximum of $250 (depending on the impact of the project) will be given to the first-place entry selected from the outstanding proposals in each category. The selected projects will be given the opportunity to participate and to do presentations to the scientific community and students at the International Research Conference for Children (IRCC-2024).

STEM4Creativity is a global challenge made to encourage fostering interest in research within STEM fields. This year’s challenge is intentionally broad so that students can use their imagination and research unique topics.

To make STEM4Creativity a success, STEM4Girls is collaborating with the Global Young Researchers Academy (GYRA)

What is STEM?
STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It represents an educational and professional approach that emphasizes these four key disciplines. STEM education and careers are centered around these fields and their interconnectedness, aiming to prepare students and professionals for roles that require expertise in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This approach is essential in addressing the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly evolving, technology-driven world.

Important Dates
Open Date (Earliest Submission Date) - December 15th, 2023
Application Due Date(s) - April 10th, 2024
Scientific Review - May 15th, 2024
Scientific Presentations - May-June, 2024
Announcement of selected projects in July 2024.
Earliest Project Start Date - 1st August 2024
Project starting due date - August 15th, 2024
Project Completion Date - July 31st, 2025

Submission guidelines
*The medium of application is English, and for the team whose mother tongue is not English are encouraged to consult language experts, interpreters, or translators. English language support will be provided upon request.
*Scientific writing support will also be provided upon request..
Eligibility criteria. For KG - HS students who identify as female or a group with at least one member identifying as female, these grants are eligible.
Team leaders and team members: Every team leader should have a registered stem4 account and the participants' names should be listed under every team.
Page Limitations: Arial 11, line space 2. A4 size 1” margins. Maximum 12 pages (Excluding bibliography)
Biographical Sketch (1-page max for each participant): Describe the appropriate experience, training, and skill set that each team member possesses to conduct innovative new research.
Itemized Budget (with justification) (Maximum 1 page): What is the budget for? Is there any alternative available? What is the cheapest option? How does each item help the study?
Research Plan (Maximum 5 pages): The overall research plan needs to be presented within the 5 page limit. Schematic diagrams, illustrations and flowcharts are highly encouraged where artistic abilities can be appreciated. Figures and tables should be well defined with proper titles and descriptions If and whenever required, the team can consult language experts for scientific writing; however, it needs to be disclosed.

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