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Tuesday, 31 August 2021


AWBP Trust is organising PAW2021: an open competition – under three categories ARTWORK / ESSAY WRITING/ POETRY for students


Chose any one topic in the below list :

1) Adopt street animals from the community
2) Veganism and its benefits to the humans, animals and environment
3) Be kind to Animals
4) Animals belong in the wild, not in cages
5) Human developments are destroying animal habitats
6) Traditions should teach and spread compassion towards animals
7) Conduct alternative experiments but not on animals
8) Importance of animal compassion in human lives

General rules:
No participation fee.
Eligibility is limited to ages 8+ years and above at the time of submission.
A participant needs to be from India. (Now, we cannot make it global because we lack funds, but in future, we will aim to have an international competition where everyone can participate). 
A participant can participate in all the categories (Artwork, Essay Writing, Poetry)  but in Essay Writing/ Poetry categories, participants can participate in one language (Telugu or Hindi or English) only.
You agree to give exclusive rights on your submission work to AWBP Trust, which means you should not use it outside anywhere (you will be the owner of the work, wherever we publish it but the work remains as AWBP Trust property).
All the essays/ artwork/poetry will become the property of AWBP Trust. Each participant automatically grants AWBP Trust the right to reproduce, publish, transmit or otherwise communicate to the public their entry, in whole or in part, or using any media for any purpose without permission or payment.
AWBP Trust reserves the final right, where necessary, to make amendments to the below rules and to select the winners of the competition. 

 Submission Last Date :
Submit your entries by 25th Sep’21 before 11 PM IST.

First Prize: 5000 INR Worth Gift / Second Prize:3000 INR Worth Gift 

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