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Thursday, 5 August 2021

Architecture Model Competition-2021

In collaboration with ArchiVoice, Mango Architecture is happy to announce its first in category Architecture Model Competition-2021. ‘A representation of reality, where a representation is the expression of certain relevant characteristics of the observed reality and where the reality consists of the objects or systems that exist, have existed or may exist.

The competition includes a Prize Money of USD 700 equivalent to INR 50,000 where Top 20 Handmade, Top 20 Machine Made, Top 20 Digital Models, and Top 10 Best Model Presentations will get a chance of media publication on our media partners website and social media handles.

Architecture models have the unique ability to showcase the entire design process in one go. The ability to give you a 360-degree insight into a design process and details related to it.
Download the given brief and complete the registration process

Compose your sheets as per the given requirement

Submit your files on our submission portal

Our Expert Jury members will evaluate your submissions

Winners will be announced with their achievements

All Competitions organized by mango architecture are open ideas design competitions with no intentions to execute the proposals submitted in any form. The competitions are open to students, teachers, designers, professionals, and the inspired design community.

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