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Sunday, 4 July 2021

Drawnimal Art Contest

Submit a picture of your animal art

Start Date:2021-07-02
End Date: 2021-07-31

Age Group : 3 to 18
Entry : PAID
Entry Fee -  ₹ 150.00 

Social Winners : 1st and 2nd Prize : Socialwinner medal

Talento winners : 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize : Talento medal

1.The Contest will begin on July 2nd, 2021 and image submissions will be accepted till July31th, 2021.

2.Register at YoungTalento & follow us on all our social media platforms to be eligible to participate. If you are already registered, skip this rule.

3.For this contest,File uploaded should be in jpeg/jpg format.

4.The theme of art should be reflecting the animal

5.After you have uploaded the image and click submit participation, the page will be redirected to payment gateway.

6.Pay using paytm/BHIM upi/Netbanking for each entry.

7. Participants can participate in any number of YoungTalento contests.

8. Only one submission is considered for each participant for each contest.

9. Once the submission has been made and approval is done,the amount paid will not be refunded.

10. All the submission will go for approval and the approved submissions will be uploaded to website and other social medias.

11. All the entries are divided in to age groups Age Group 1 : Age 3 to 8, Age Group 2 : Age 9 to 15 and winners are selected for each group.

Social winners are selected based on maximum likes/shares and views. Formula is Total Points = Website votes + (Facebook shares + likes)/5 + Instagram likes /3 + Twitter likes/4 + (YouTube likes + views) /3

Talento winners will be selected based on judge decision and YoungTalento judgement is final.

12. Art previously submitted in youngtalento/other contests are considered as invalid submission.

13.All the participants will get e-certificate and winners will receive prize + hard copy of the certificate couried to their address.

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