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Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Amrita COVID-19 Challenge 2020

Amrita School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in collaboration with MathWorks is organising a competition Amrita COVID-19 Challenge 2020.

About the Contest
Humankind  is grappling with a new enemy, The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). It has taken nearly one lakh lives so far and is one of the deadliest challenges the human race has faced this century. 

As scientists and doctors try to develop a cure and possibly a vaccine for this dreaded killer virus, students too can play a significant role in developing technological solutions to help our country in this hour of need.  

Amrita School of Engineering along with MathWorks is hosting this competition for future engineers and scientists. 

This is an opportunity for students from schools across India to  come up with solutions to tackle the COVID-19 and future pandemics.  

Who is Eligible? 
Those who are currently in 10th / 11th / 12th standard can apply 

About the Competition
The competition will be conducted in two phases: 

Phase 1 - The Idea: Submit your idea in the given format. No coding required. You need to select the thematic area, come up with the title of the proposed work (eg. Forecasting COVID-19 daily spread in Tamil Nadu), a brief description of the solution and a diagram representation of how your system will function. 

Phase 2 - The Execution: You need to come up with a workable solution with using MATLAB. MATLAB is widely used in scientific and research community, worldwide. In case you are not familiar with MATLAB, we will try our level best to help you.  

Online MATLAB version along with licence key will be provided for all the candidates selected for Phase 2." Exclusive tutorials with certification on how to start with MATLAB will also be provided: (Topics covered in these tutorials are mentioned below) 

Programming with MATLAB
Machine Learning with MATLAB
Deep Learning with MATLAB
Phase 1 and Phase 2 dates: May 10 and May 30, respectively.  

Important Considerations
This competition is data driven and hence the following terms shall be strictly adhered to: 

Privacy of patients and people under quarantine should be preserved. Hence, no personal details should be used.  
Solutions should be scalable, assume that your solution will be used by hundreds, if not thousands, of people. 
Any datasets to be used for designing/testing/validating the system should be from an openly accessible source.  You can find a lot of informative datasets using Google Dataset Search 

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