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How to Prepare for CBSE Heritage India Quiz

The CBSE Heritage India Quiz is an Inter School Quiz that was conceptualized by the Board in 2001 with the objective of promoting interest and desire among students to learn and appreciate the history, tourism and sharing the vast cultural heritage of our country. This enrichment activity has gained lot of popularity among the students and teachers’ community across India in the past 16 years.

Quiz Structure
A PowerPoint based written quiz with 30 questions to be answered in 25 minutes, where the teams from each school will collectively attempt to answer.
The Regional round, semi finals and final  will be an on-stage event, with mix of verbal, audio and visual questions.

The topic of the quiz will be Indian heritage including, but not limited to- tangible, intangible,

cultural and natural heritage.

How to Prepare for CBSE Heritage India Quiz
Well, you may start your preparation with the NCERT Social Science books. But to be the winner you will have learn about Indian culture and heritage in depth. The quiz may become tough as you go up the levels.

Extensive reading is required, not just reading the quiz books. As there will be multimedia quizzes using images and videos, pay special attention to identify the different cultural symbols, monuments and buildings of cultural/historical/religious importance, tourist places, famous personalities, musical instruments, dance forms etc.

Questions on topics like Indian states (special attention to North-eastern states, National symbols, Wild life, National parks, Dance and Music, Indian History, Literature, Mythology and religion, Famous personalities, places of importance, Arts, Sports and Science and technology will be asked.

There are many websites offering quizzes on India and YouTube channels of previous Heritage India Quiz. Visit them to get an idea. (links given below).

There are a good number of yearbooks and quiz books on the topic which will be helpful in preparation. Manorama Yearbook is an excellent reference book for all types of competitions.

Links to Quizzes

India/CBSE Heritage India Quiz 

Selected Book List

YoutTube Videos

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