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Monday 8 April 2024


The International Abacus Olympiad 2024 is a math competition for children with the primary purpose of promoting mathematical excellence, enhancing problem-solving skills, fostering creativity, boosting self-confidence, encouraging a love for learning, inspiring future mathematicians, and building lifelong skills. This event provides a unique platform for children to explore and excel in mental math, empowering them with valuable life skills and a passion for mathematics.

Showcase your mental math skills, engage in interactive workshops, and connect with like-minded peers, all while experiencing the thrill of competition and the joy of learning.

This is your chance to discover the magic of the abacus, explore the beauty of mathematical art, and ignite your passion for problem-solving. Join us at the Abacus Olympiad 2024 and become part of a community of young math stars who are shaping the future of mathematics.

Exam Dates
- 11th May, 2024
- 18th May, 2024
Exam will be available for 24-hours on chosen date (11th or 18th May).
Students can start anytime between those 24hrs,
but once started exam will end in its prescribed time limit of 30 minutes.
Mode of Examination
Online   Duration 30 minutes

Registration Deadlines:
- 1st May for 11th May Exam

- 10th May for 18th May Exam

Participation Fee
INR 500/ student

Category A: Below 8 years old (5–7 years)
Category B : Below 11 years old (8–10 years)
Category C : Below 14 years old (11-13 years)

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