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Saturday 12 August 2023

Spin Your Science: Science Fiction Writing Competition 2024

India Science Festival is back, and  inviting entries for Spin Your Science, the flagship science fiction story/poem writing competition.

The competition is open to all sci-fi enthusiasts! There are no restrictions on age, background, education, or nationality.

What to do?

Tell a short story or a poem that brings to life technologies that may have existed in the past, how deeply science interacts with our present, or a vision of what lies in the future – dystopian or utopian. Here’s an idea…

“In the bustling city of Pune, a group of students stumbled upon a hidden chamber beneath their university. Inside, they discovered an ancient manuscript detailing a forgotten scientific invention capable of solving the planet’s carbon emission crisis. Excitement filled their hearts as they realized the immense potential this discovery held. They dedicated themselves to recreating the device, their hopes soaring high. But it had a catch—the manuscript warned of unforeseen consequences, a price that must be paid for tampering with nature’s delicate balance. As they prepared to unveil their creation, uncertainty clouded their minds, unsure of what awaited them…”

ISF will select the top 20 finalists, who shall be known as the ISF fellows, through a competitive process of evaluation. The finalists will receive detailed feedback from our esteemed jury and will get to attend an online workshop by luminaries of sci-fi writing.

The top 20 selected stories/poems will be published on our website, social media handles, and our annual magazine. Based on the evaluation done by the jury, the top three winners will be declared in December 2023.

1st Prize: INR 30,000
2nd Prize: INR 20,000
3rd Prize: INR 10,000

The story/poem should be submitted in both Word and PDF formats with the following typeface:

Font: Arial
Size: Title – 12, Body – 10 Margins: 2.5 cm
Spacing: 1.0

The last date of submission is October 13, 2023.

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