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Tuesday, 20 September 2022

Junior Make-a-Thon (JMT) for School Students

Junior Make-a-Thon (JMT) is a one-of-a-kind event launched under Tech and Innovation Fair that promotes maker spirit among school students by encouraging them to build unique and innovative solutions for existing problems.

Students undergo dedicated mentorship sessions and workshops which help them to convert their idea into a working prototype/model.

The competition will be categorized into two:

JUNIORS:Grade 6 to 8
SENIORS:Grade 9 & 10

The purpose of JMT is to introduce maker culture to school students and encourage them to come up with innovative solutions to various problems. JMT motivates students to combine their practical thinking skills with the theoretical knowledge they gain from school to solve real-life problems. It also introduces entrepreneurship to these students thus creating the future entrepreneurs of the country.


Dates to be declared. Students can register for free, individually or in groups of a maximum 4.

Round 1
The team will submit an abstract of their product ideas, as well as a scientific proposal based on the selected theme. The projects will be submitted online through the portal. All participants who advance to the next round will also be notified via email. The chosen students will advance to the second round.

Round 2
Top teams will be given mentorship sessions to help them finish their prototype. They will be invited to exhibit and demonstrate their models or prototypes at the Indian Institute Of Technology, Madras.

Finals @ IITM
3 day event at IIT Madras. Winners will receive rewards and all the finalists will receive certificates.

Registration for Junior Make-a-Thon!  will start in October only.

As part of Shaastra Juniors, there will be a series of events in schools all over India with the aim to increase awareness about maker culture, innovation and entrepreneurship. The workshops will be online.

The event is free and hence, no registration fees are required. It will be conducted over the course of next month and will not affect the school timings of students.

Interested students are requested to fill this form: https://forms.gle/GRPYGyrpcpusvy9PA

The deadline for registration is September 30th, 2022. 

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