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Friday, 14 January 2022

Tag line contest for Natural farming

Agriculture has emerged as a reliable sector to hold economic impetus for India when the World is facing economic contraction due to one of the most deadly and challenging pandemic. To strengthen economy & self-sustainability, the call for ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ is announced as a big opportunity for Agriculture and allied sectors.
Natural Farming (NF) is a chemical free natural farming system wherein use of low cost inputs (cow dung/ urine and plant extract based) coupled with recommended agronomic practices like mulching, intercropping are promoted.

The theme for this event is Promotion of Natural farming

Natural Farming has been identified as a promising tool to minimize the dependence of farmers on purchased inputs and also to restore the soil health. It emphasizes on the shift of agriculture practices from mono-crops to diversified multi-cropping system. Desi cow dung and urine play an important role from which various inputs such as Beejamrit, Jivamirit and Ghan-Jivamrit are made on the farm and are the source of nutrients & life to soil. Other traditional practices such mulching the soil with biomass or keeping the soil covered with green cover round the year, even in the very low water availability situations are added practices which ensure sustained productivity even from the first year of adoption.

1st Consolation prize- Rs. 10000
2nd Consolation prize- Rs. 5000

Technical Criteria
1. Tagline/Slogans must not be longer than 8 words.
2. Entries can be made in English, Hindi,
3. The Tagline should be usable on the website/ mobile app/ social media such as Twitter/ Facebook / Instagram and on Magazines, Commercial Hoarding / Standees, Brochures, Leaflets and Pamphlets, Souvenirs and other Publicity and Marketing materials.

Last date of submission is 14th February,2022

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