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Tuesday, 28 December 2021

Open Quiz (Technology) Exun 2021-22

This event by Delhi Public School is an enigmatic quiz based on the field of computers, technology, and recent events in the world of IT - a battleground for seasoned quizzers to test their wits under extreme pressure. The event will consist of two rounds, prelims and finals. Both the rounds will be conducted on Zoom. Only the Top 6-8 teams from the preliminary round will qualify for the final round. Further details will be announced throughout the symposium, so be sure to check this page, our platforms, and the symposium Discord server.

14 Dec'21 12:00 AM IST - 21 Jan'22 12:00 AM IST

All that you need to know about Open Quiz (Technology)
The Open Quiz will be held in two stages: The preliminary round and the final round. The final round will have the top 6 teams from the prelims as qualifiers.
The prelims and the finals will be conducted on Zoom. Participants may be asked to turn on their cameras.
Any links and updates will be communicated on the Discord Server.
Participants are requested to ensure the stability of their internet connection. Any disconnection is the responsibility of the participant and the organizers will not make accommodations as such.
The participants will be required to mention their school name alongside their own name in the Zoom meeting. The format will be as follows: (School Name)_(Participant Name), for example, DPS RK Puram_Sagnik Anupam
The participants can confer with their teammates through any medium they see fit (through call or any messaging platform).
There will be a 20-second window to answer after the Quizmaster has read out the question. One participant from each team will be required to send the answers privately to the host within the given time frame. Any answers after the window have closed will not be considered under any circumstances.
After the prelims are over, the results will be compiled and shared with the participants. The chat log will also be shared, in order to clarify any doubts that may be raised by the participants.
All participants are expected to uphold the code of conduct. Use of any unfair means will lead to immediate disqualification of the team.
The Quizmaster's discretion is final and binding in all cases.
Note: Only participants registering through a school can participate.

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