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Sunday, 12 September 2021

Youthopeian Envirothon

Youthopeian in combination with Sci2Foundation and You Are the Change is holding its first-ever environment-themed hackathon! You will be required to build a solution for climate change or environmental problems! It can be a website, software, or even a prototype! There will be games, quizzes and workshops on a myriad of topics such as web development, sustainability, college admissions, internships, and AI among many others! This hackathon is not only about applying tech and reasoning skills to address environment-related issues but also encourages critical thinking, community bonding, and awareness among youth. 
Why should you participate?
-$900 in cash prizes for winners
-$18810 additional in-kind prizes for winners
-$880 worth free tech for all participants
-Free volunteer hours for all participants!
-Meet new people around the globe!
-Special mentorship
-Gain insights from industry professionals
-Chance to get an internship
-Workshops and speaker sessions to expand your knowledge

The last date to submit your project will be September 19th!

1st Place - $300 + Jetbrains 3 free annual Personal subscriptions; winners will be able to get an IDE of their choice ($249 each)

2nd Place - $200 + Egghead - 4 free codes ($250 each)
3rd Place - $100 + Egghead - 4 free codes ($250 each)
Best Research paper - $75 +  Egghead - 2 free codes ($250 each)
Best Beginner Hack - $50 
Best Presentation - $25 
Fundraising raffle - $25 
Best Web App with Qoom challenge - Winners get featured of Qoom Project Gallery and 1-year Pro Package plan. (Teams must use the Qoom platform to be eligible for this prize.)  $140 value
Wolfram Award for top 10 teams. This award is for a year of Wolfram|One Personal Edition plus a one-year subscription to Wolfram|Alpha Pro.  (worth $375 for each team member)
Imagilabs Award - Imagicharm ($95 value) Every person who attends the Imagicharm workshop will be eligible to receive this prize.

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