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Sunday, 29 August 2021

Clean Air Champions Cohort 2021

Putting the youth of today on the frontline of clear air planning, The Clean Air Champions is a 3-6 months (tentatively) program that will train future youth leaders who will take up various initiatives to make significant changes in mindset, policy, or technology to reduce air pollution. The program will provide an opportunity to clean air champions who are under 30 years of age and committed to devoting at least 10 hours in a month with the appropriate skills to manage projects related to climate change and the environment and scale their idea into reality. 
What does the program entail? 

Train-Practice-Lead! Yes, you read that right. It’s that simple. We believe in your power to catalyze a green and healthy recovery of our planet. The program with its diverse and eminent panel of mentors and experts will provide you with all the necessary skills, expertise, and tools to become champions who can lead change. 

The program aims to first train the clean air champions within the state on leadership, sector-specific training, effective development communication, and technological innovations in mitigating the air pollution problem in the state.
Secondly, cohort members will be encouraged to conceptualize self-initiated projects which will boost young minds to come up with innovative ways of driving grassroots change.
Through workshops held on weekends, the program will provide the clean air champions with appropriate skills to manage projects related to climate change and the environment and scale their idea into reality.
It is high time the youth of these states take it upon themselves to bring about change in the exponential rise in pollution.

What will you gain as a Clean Air Champion? 

Let’s dig some good parts now. Being one of a kind citizen-driven environment program, the Clean Air Champion Cohort builds a platform to drive grassroots change and action towards curbing pollution emissions in the respective State and spread awareness among the young stakeholders in the State by promoting sustainable living as a way of life in our cities.

Each project will be awarded seed money and other necessary resources to implement its project. 
You will be networking with international organizations and think tanks
Mentorship from the experts of the field
Certificates, Medals, and awards for outstanding performance during the program

Catalyzing youth energies — A Way Forward

Every year, pollution across several Indian cities is labeled as ‘very poor’ and even touches the ‘severe’ air quality category through winter. Sitting on the naturally subsidized region with rich underlying mineral deposits, many cities in East India such as Jharkhand, Odisha, Bihar, and Bengal have reportedly shown a declining trend in air quality, yet significantly neglected from clean air plans and their proper implementations. Some of these regions also have a diverse youth population having a huge potential to tap into.

Wake up netizens! Doctors across India and beyond have already declared the current air pollution status India a health emergency. Be it managing a kitchen garden in your balcony or curbing single-use plastic, your idea will amplify lakhs of youth voices in the State. 

We are in the midst of a catastrophe and your voice counts in advocating the rights of our common future in securing a cleaner, greener, and breathable planet.

If this is something that strikes a chord with you, why wait?

Who can apply?
Under 30 years of age
Committed to devoting at least 10 hours in a month

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