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Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Art of Unity Creative Award

In 2020, Yahad-in Unum Mid America initiated this award by granting us funding to support the annual call.  

The call for submissions for 2021 is now open. The award accept literary (poetry; essays and short stories under 2500 words); video; music; dance; performance or visual work around the theme: "Never again: Remembering to heal and overcome." All pieces must be previously unpublished.

The most important hallmark of Holocaust remembrance and education is the phrase ‘never again.’ Unfortunately, tribal divisions, ethnic cleansing and genocides continue in the 21st Century. We are looking for submissions in any creative media (which can be exhibited online), and which highlight aspects of human unity, and positive cross-pollination between groups, ethnicities, religions and/or nations.

The work will be curated by a team from the IHRAF and Yahad-In Unum Mid-America.

How to Submit
Submissions must include cover letter, biography and the your submission.
Please send submissions to: with the subject line: “Art of Unity Creative Award Award”

Send submissions to with the subject line: “Art of Unity Creative Award”. There is no entry fee for participation. Deadline for submission is September 30, 2021.  Each artist may make one submission. 
There are three monetary prizes: 

First Prize: $150

Second Prize: $100

Third Prize: $50

Honorable Mention: 6 artists will have their work presented as part of the winners.

All winners and honorable mention recipients will be promoted via the International Human Rights Art Festival website, Facebook page, Instagram page, e-newsletter and through our media partnership with WNYC radio, the world's largest public radio station. Additionally, a selectio of the winners will be highlighted as part of the Art of Unity performance block at the IHRAF Festival, Wild Project Theater, East Village, NYC on Wednesday, December 8, 2021.


Deadline: September 30, 2021

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