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Thursday, 29 July 2021


A Decade of Success, Trust and Love for Color Art Fest goes International
Color Art Fest presents MegaStar – International Talent Contest Season 1.
Participate in CAF MegaStar – International Talent Contest and Send your Videos, Showcase your Talent to millions and Win your own Exclusive Webshow and be the First MegaStar of the Season.
Entries Open for All Entertainment Activists Worldwide in any Communicating Languages. (Read the Rules)
Be You a Child, An Adult or an Elderly or a Group, An aspiring Youtuber, or a Comedy King, a Fine Art Artists who love Colors and Crafts or a Musician who plays instruments, a Magician who creates illusions, An Actor, Singer, Dancer or Standup Performer, a Motivational Soul, a Great Chef, a Puppeteer, a Cartoonists or Animator who’s Character speaks for them, a Poet or a Hobbyist Entertainer..
Whatever your Talent is, the Stage is Set for you to Perform and Win Millions and Millions of Fans and Admirers throughout the World.
Registrations Open, Come Participate in CAF MegaStar – International Talent Contest – season 1
NOTE: The Entry Fees Paid for Registration by Participants will Help us to Support our cause of Providing Food to Needy Families and Stray Animals during this Pandemic.


Group A – Little Wonders (Age below 5 Years)
Group B – Class 1st, 2nd & 3rd
Group C – Class 4th, 5th & 6th
Group D – Class 7th , 8th & 9th
Group E – Class 10th, 11th & 12th (Below 18 years till 31st Dec 2021)
Group F – 18 to 25 Years
Group G – Above 25 Years

Your Talent can bring Smiles and Motivation on faces around the world. And the same will be Rewarding for Yourselves as well.
Entries can be submitted on any Categories like Standup Comedy, Fine Art , Music, Magic/Puppet Show, Acting, Singing, Dancing, Cooking, Cartoonists or Animator, Poet or Hobbyist Entertainer.
1. Participants can send upto 3 Fresh Videos in any Communicating languages.
2. The Video can be of any one or more Categories in the Solo/Group Performance as per Registration.
3. Video Length: 2 minutes to 7 minutes
4. Videos with Maximum Likes, Shares and Judges Points will be selected for Next Level.
5. Best 100 from the World will get Webshow.
6. Winner will be declared through Public Voting & will be Rewarded Exclusive Web Show + MegaStar Trophy.

Do Online Registration for CAF – MegaStar. All Successfull Registration will receive their Registration Number, Form  and Submission Details on Email Address within 24 hours. Participants will get 30 Days time period for Submissions of Talent Video.
A. Individual Registration – INR 1500/-
B. Small Group (upto 4 Participants) – INR 2000/-
C. Big Group (more than 4 Participants) – INR 3000/- 
D. Donate a Entry 
Get 20% Discount on Indian Registrations use DISCOUNT CODE – ‘MEGASTAR20’
Get 10% Discount on International Registrations use DISCOUNT CODE – ‘MEGASTAR10’

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