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Thursday, 29 July 2021

International Olympiad Of Ancient Wisdom

Spark student imagination by connecting past developments with present concerns to build the future!

International Olympiad Of Ancient Wisdom is the world’s first Olympiad aimed at bringing the knowledge of the ancient wisdom to the young generation. The Olympiad will spark student’s curiosity and imagination with groundbreaking experiments, inventions and discoveries from the ancient world.

Journey of human evolution
Calendars and Timekeeping
Communication & Languages
Ancient Science & Engineering
Mathematics from the Past
Global Wisdom on Medicine & Health 
The Early Breakthrough Inventions
Transportation, Trade & Navigation  
How does the Money work
Ancient Myths and Beliefs
Global Epics and Learning 
Why Should Students Join

The unique Olympiad explores the Ancient wisdom encompassing many centuries. Students will be equipped with the knowledge needed to examine ancient wisdom as a specialized learning discipline. They will explore the implications of how historical groundbreaking discoveries and inventions influenced the thoughts and theories of future scientists, and how these developments affected people's lives.

The ancients knew that a dewdrop of water on a leaf magnify the leaf's surface which led to the invention of a magnifying glass. Similarly the Ancient Wisdom will form the basis of explosion of new knowledge for the young generation.

Details of the Olympiad

Eligibility: Grade III to XII students

Mode of Exam: The first of its kind Olympiad is organized online

Format of Exam: Objective-type questions with no negative marking.

Duration of the test is 50 minutes. The medium of the test is English.

Enrolment Fees: INR 200 (India) / USD 6(Other Countries)

Includes Exam Fees & Free e-guide

Learning Kit: INR 150(India) / USD 4(Other Countries) only.

A Learning KIT has been designed to help students prepare for the Olympiad. The learning kit includes 4 Online Classes & 2 Mock Tests.

For syllabus and sample paper of the Olympiad, please click here.

International Olympiad Of Ancient Wisdom Oct 2021/Jan 2022

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