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Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Drawing Competition 2021 by Indian Folk

To keep everybody occupied during the current COVID-19 Second Wave and encourage interested candidates to express their creativity, IndianFolk.com is organizing an Drawing & Painting Competition all across India. The competition is open to all interested candidates with no age limitations. The prize money and other details are provided below.

First Prize: Rs.3500

Second Prize: Rs.2500

Third Prize: Rs.1500

Note: All the participants will receive a Digital Certificate of Participation & Appreciation signed by the founder of IndianFolk.com.
Open to everyone

Candidates may draw/paint on any topic including but not limited to nation, regional affairs, international relations, politics, economy, health & wellness, society, lifestyle, science & technology, cleanliness & sanitation, environment, agriculture, manufacturing & other industries, trade & commerce, business & finance, workplace, government, defence forces, public administration, history, arts, fashion, sports & entertainment, etc.  (Candidates may also draw/paint on topics pertaining to COVID-19, which relates to Health & Wellness and some other topics mentioned above.) If need be, candidates may also combine some of these topics in their drawing/painting. Candidates shouldn’t use the computer tools (such as graphics or animation software) in their drawing/painting.
All interested candidates must register at IndianFolk.com to participate in the competition. 

After you finish drawing/painting, you may take its picture from your phone or digital camera. Save the picture (JPEG, JPG, GIF or PNG) on your desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.  The picture may be adjusted to any mode such as portrait, landscape, square, widescreen, etc.  Please make sure the size of the picture to be submitted is less than 3.5 MB.

There is an entry fee of Rs.100, which must be paid online at the website on or before 11:59 PM 25th June 2021.
All candidates must submit their drawings on the website on or before 11:59 PM 27th June 2021. 

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