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Thursday, 27 May 2021

Quadspark Quiz Competition for School Students - IISc Bangalore Science Fest

Four bright minds, coming together, to ignite a spark – that is Quadspark, in short! A science
quiz that challenges your knowledge of science facts and applying scientific principles in an
interdisciplinary manner, demanding the best of teamwork and reasoning skills. Quadspark looks
forward to bringing together the bright young minds of our country with tantalizing and mindblowing
nuggets that science has to offer.
Important Dates
Prelims 20th June, 11am-12pm (submission by 12:15pm)
Interview 10th, 11th, 17th, 18th July (Time slots to be notified to qualified candidates at
least one week in advance)
Finale 31st July

• Any student studying in classes 7,8,9,10, or 11* who is passionate about science can participate as a part of a team.
• The questions will be of the level of class 9 and 10 standard. (The competition is open for any student from class 7 onwards)
• Scoring, leader board will be common for all participants.

Team Formation Rules:
• The participants are required to participate in teams of four, with at least three among the four studying in classes 7,8,9, or 10 (including those giving their exams this year).
*(There is a provision to include one team member who is studying at class 11, provided the rest are in classes 7,8,9 or 10)
A student is considered to be in class 10th or below if the following holds
§ He/she was studying in Class 10th or below as of February 2021.

• Click here to register (Or, Copy/Paste the following link in your browser:
• Students can enter the competitions after they have paid a registration fess of ₹200 per team.
• Students would get a Team ID after successful registration, three days before prelims.
• The Team ID should be present to all team members throughout the competition.

General Rules
A. Prelims
• It is strongly advised that you appear in the test from a PC and not from a mobile/tablet
• The links for the questions will be mailed to the candidates on the date of prelims, i.e., 20th June at 10 am. A total of 4 google form links would be sent.
• Anyone who doesn't get the mail by 10:15 am should contact the coordinators immediately.
• The google form will start accepting responses from 10:55 am. Please refresh your google form (website) at 10:55 am
• All four google forms shall stop taking responses strictly at 12:15 pm.
• Each google form has two sections:
o Section 1: Here, you need to fill up your team ID & team email ID. Remember to use the same email ID that you used during registrations. Each member of a team should use the same Team ID & Email ID. We have given 5 mins specifically for this. Check your Email ID & Team ID before moving to section 2.
o Section 2: This section contains the questions.
§ The questions are mostly MCQ (Single/Multi Correct), Short one-word answer.
§ The type of each question would be written just before each question.
§ Questions of different types are jumbled.
§ Each paper has questions that require a total of 1 hour to be solved.
§ The total number of questions on each paper varies from 20-30. The exact number of questions in each paper would be written in the mail that we send you at 10 am having the google form links.
§ Do note each paper ideally requires 1 hr to be solved & all four papers, together, should be submitted within 1 hr, so divide the workload amongst yourselves.

B. Interview
• A list of selected students for interviews would be displayed on the Pravega website by the first week of July.
• A minimum of Top 10% of the teams from prelims would be called for an online interview.
• The Date & time slot for the interview would be notified one week in advance.
• Candidates would be tested on the following in an interview:
o Knowledge
o Curiosity
o Team Spirit
• More details about the interview would be notified to selected candidates in due course of time.

C. Finals
• The top 6 teams would be called for the online grand finale, held on 31st July.
• The list for the finale is calculated with a weightage of 65% on prelims & 35% on interviews.
• The finale will be held conventionally, with multiple rounds, under renowned quizmaster Vinay Mudaliar.
• The finals will be aired on social media platforms after the event.
• More details about the finals would be notified to selected candidates in due course of time.

Prizes and Awards
• All the participants will be issued a certificate of participation along with their percentile scores.
There are several categories of Prizes as under:
Prizes for Qualifying Prelims & Interview:
Certificate of Appreciation along with percentile scores will be provided to all qualifiers of prelims & finals.
o Gold Certificates to Interview Qualifiers
o Silver Certificates to top 1 percentile scorers in prelims
o Bronze certificate to all prelims qualifiers

Prizes for Finalists:
1. Winner:
a. Cash Prize of Rs. 15,000
b. Rolling Trophy (will be sent via post)
c. Winner's Trophy (will be dispatched via post)
d. Winner's Certificate
2. 1st Runner Up:
a. Cash Prize of Rs 8,000
b. Runner's Up Trophy (will be sent via post)
c. Certificate of Merit
d. Certificate of Appreciation with Percentile scores.
3. 2nd Runner Up:
a. Cash Prize of Rs 4,000
b. Certificate of Merit
c. Certificate of Appreciation with Percentile scores.
4. All winners will be given special shoutouts from "Pravega, IISc" Social Media Accounts.

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