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Tuesday, 1 June 2021

jumpthegap Roca International Design Contest

jumpthegap® is a biennial International Design Contest promoted by Roca since 2004 with the collaboration of BcD Barcelona Design Center and aimed at creative people who think towards the future, whilst designing today. 
Aim of the contest
To design a product or service that, in the new postcovid19 scenario, solves any of the new needs of people, that provides innovative added value over what already exists in the market and is technologically feasible.

The contest is open to all and any of age applicants from every country in the world and has two categories:

Individual projects: formed by a natural person
Group projects: formed by two people.
Each person or group may participate in one project only.

Judges, their families, their studios or design teams may not compete. The same applies to employees of companies that form part of the Roca Group.

Winners of any Roca’s design contest previous editions are allowed to participate. 

Registration for the contest is free of charge and open from 3rd  May 2021 online at www.jumpthegap.net, accessible through the registration page.

All participants must submit their application to take part in the contest on 6th September 2021.

By registering for the contest, participants confirm that they accept these rules.

Any incomplete or incorrect information or any registration application that does not fulfill the required conditions will be considered as null and void.

Presentation of project
Each project cannot be submitted to more than one category.

Projects must be absolutely anonymous: they cannot contain any names or personal details about the author/s, as all this information has been already provided through the registration. All texts included in the project must be written in English.

The competing project must be submitted in:

One pdf file, containing not more than 2 x A3 size pages.
The maximum size of the pdf file will be 1.5 MB.
The first page must include the title of the project, a text with the description of the project, and the main images.
The text must not have more than 600 words, divided into three sections:

WHAT? What is the project about? For whom?
HOW? Brief description (How it works, materials...)
WHY? What Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations agenda 2030 are you offering a solution to and why will it be relevant in the future?
Any background information or additional details of the project should be placed on the second page.

Submission date
The submission date was initially 3rd May and 3rd June, but due to the Covid obstacles Roca decided to extend the submission date to 3rd May and 6th September. 

There are 4 prizes of 2.000€ for the winner of each category.

There are 8 prizes of 500€ for the 1st and 2nd runner up of each category.

There is 1 prize of 5.000€ for the best of the best project, selected from the winners of each of the 4 categories

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