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Saturday, 7 August 2021

International Life Skills Olympiad 2021

Skillizen Olympiad Foundation, a Singapore based global socio-educational company, has announced the launch of 4 international Critical Life Skills Olympiads for 2021.
"International Life Skills Olympiad (ILSO) is the world’s 1st and only Olympiad that tests young children on their Life Skills Aptitude. This global test is specifically designed for school students in grade 3-12. This assessment will primarily focus on evaluating real world skills that are critical for young children to manage and succeed in their personal, professional and social lives. Parents from 72 countries find this assessment tool very helpful for preparing their children for the challenges of 21st century. The most unique thing about these Olympiads is that it gives the participants an opportunity to make decisions in real life situations by the application of practical life skills such as leadership, ethics, teamwork, communication, empathy, and goal setting etc.


International Life Skills Olympiad(ILSO) is the World's First online initiative to test young children's Critical Life Skills Quotient, and to compare the same with the most skilled children across the globe. Through ILSO, students of Grade III-XII from all over the world will test their Life Skills Aptitude using real-world scenario based questions.
While preparing for this highly engaging test, students will also get exposed and acquire new life skills. With students from 100+ countries participating, they all get to learn and evolve as truly global citizens.

International Life Skills Olympiad 21-22 will be conducted worldwide, online on 13th Feb 2022. You can register right now and right here for International Life Skills Olympiad 21-22.

Besides the grand prizes like branded laptops, tablets, amazon kindle, and global recognition, perhaps the biggest reward of participating in the International Leadership Skills Olympiad is to receive a personalized and insightful leadership skills index report that will enlighten you about Where are your strengths? Where are your gaps? Which component(s) of leadership skills hold your growth back the most? etc.
*Every participants will get a participation prize of Newzworm prime subscriptions worth US$ 9.99

Registration Fees

The International Leadership Olympiad registration fee is $7.99 only or an equivalent amount in local currency. You will get access to preparation material which includes, Leadership Skills Guides, Practice Questions with proper explanations, and Mock Tests without any extra cost.

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