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Thursday, 30 April 2020

WAFA Youth Climate Award Ambassador Program

WAFA’s mission is to identify and celebrate the world’s “Silent Heroes” – people whose low cost-high impact innovations are helping remediate a wide range of pressing environmental challenges. To date, WAFA’s message has reached 30 million people across the world and countless others via social media.

Since 2010, WAFA has presented 14 awards to “silent heroes” in the areas of Water, Air & Food in Denmark, India, Zimbabwe, Ireland, South Africa, Nigeria, Nicaragua, China, Nepal, Haiti, and Jordan. These award winners have been selected from 33 finalists who, in turn, were selected from 401 applicants from 82 countries.
WAFA is excited to announce yet another Global Award Program “Youth Climate Award ” (YCA) to honour young people who are developing projects to reverse climate change. WAFA is looking for Ambassadors to help us in finding these unsung heroes.
Join the WAFA Ambassador program, Be a Part of the Great WAFA Family for a Great Cause. As an Ambassador, you will research, identify, and validate outstanding youth-driven projects, and invite them to apply for the YCA. Furthermore, you will have access to any other WAFA program/activity as well, if you wish to volunteer.

As Ambassadors You or your team will:
Connect with youth organizations, schools, and individuals to identify projects
Post regularly on social media
Research and create content – written, visual, and auditory
Engage with the community and generate positive feedback
Post translated content and work with translators, if needed

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