Wednesday, 29 April 2020


The ‘BIEA University STEM Challenge 2020’ will help young inventors and designers get started on their entrepreneurial career. We’re looking for ambitious, creative, curiosity-driven people with a passion for solving problems and making a difference who are role models of entrepreneurship for future generations.

2020 Theme
"Help us solve the global plastic problem!"

The Challenge
We know that the world has a plastic problem. Our oceans and lands have become polluted with our carelessly discarded plastic waste that will take 1000s of years to decompose on land, whilst the plastic in the oceans break up into toxins. Our plastic waste is now causing chemical pollution in our seas.
Can you or your team come up with ideas and solutions that can help reducing the plastic waste and STEM the Tide of Plastic Pollution?

The proposed technology/service can be an innovation or invention in engineering and/or technology. Engineering is defined broadly, including, but not limited to software, design, energy, cleantech, materials and medical devices.

You should have identified a viable and commercial business proposition with a market opportunity.
The age group for the students is from 9-21 years.
Suggested student age categories are: 9-11 years old, 12-14 years old, 15-17 years old, although siblings or students of different age categories can participate together. In these cases, we will take the eldest student’s age to use against the marking criteria.

You must submit the following as your competition entry:

An executive summary report of your innovation/business idea, no more than 500 words.
A pitch deck presentation of your idea/research project (maximum 30 slides).
A short video of your presentation of your project, no more than 10 minutes
To register your interest and receive details of competition use the
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31st July 2020 - Deadline for submission of University STEM Challenge

15th August 2020 - Announcement of University STEM Challenge winner


You can enter individually or as a team of up to 5.
The age of your team/ you must be aged between 18-21 years old.
You must be studying for a degree (or equivalent) qualification.
Entry into the Competition is free.
The deadline for submissions is 31st July 2020
The winner will be announced on 15 August 2020.


You need to email the summary report, pitch deck and presentation videos to: by 31st July 2020.
Please submit any accompanying documentation (such as the PowerPoint file) along with your video.
If the file size is too large, please store the videos in the Cloud and send us a link so we can download them.
Please make sure you include your name, email address, your team name and your institution with your submission.
The submission deadline is 5pm (GMT) 31 July 2020.
The winner will be announced on 15 August 2020.

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