Tuesday, 28 April 2020


To foster innovative thinking among students Smartcircuits Innovation in partnership with Young Scientists Journal conducts Innovation Challenge 2020. The students will be asked to present an out of the box idea on a given problem statement, that can change the world

Innovation Challenge 2020 Themes
Space Technology
COVID-19 Solution
New Innovation

Problem Statements
Space Technology
Submit an innovative idea/experiment which you want to launch it in to stratosphere (up to an altitude of 50 km in Stratosphere) using High Altitude Balloon Satellite.  Make sure to explain the idea with technical details. 

COVID-19 Solution (Social Distancing)
Submit/Suggest an idea to make a device related to Social distancing and more which will protect people from COVID-19. 

New Innovation 
Submit any new innovative Idea related to social innovation, engineering, technology or anything. 

Students from Classes 5th-12th are eligible for this Challenge 

Last Date
5th May 2020

1st Prize :  Innovation will be published in Young Scientists Journal (YSJ) + Telescope

2nd Prize : Robotics Kit

3rd Prize : Science Experiment Kit

Winning entry/Innovation from each category (Space Technology, COVID-19, New & Innovative Technology) will be published in Young Scientists Journal (YSJ).

Note : All participants will get E-Certificate signed by NASA Expert

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