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Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Technothlon 2021- International School Championship by IIT Guwahati


Technothlon is a logic based international school championship, conducted globally every year by the student fraternity of IIT Guwahati, for the students of class 9th to 12th. It holds the distinction to be the largest exam of it’s kind in India, and possibly the whole world. Started in 2004, with a motto of ‘INSPIRING YOUNG MINDS via creativity, logic, and innovations’, Technothlon has reached 450+ cities in 30+ countries all over the world. This year, owing to the COVID pandemic, we’ve decided that there will be no registration charges for Technothlon 2021, and students can register for FREE.

Technothlon is conducted in 2 SQUADS (categories) namely:-
JUNIORS:- For the students of class 9th and 10th.
HAUTS:- For the students of class 11th and 12th. 

In order to be crowned the champion of Technothlon, students have to go through two stages:-

PRELIMS:- A question paper based examination, in which the participants are tested on the basis of their logical reasoning, decision making and puzzle solving skills. This year, Prelims will be conducted in fully online mode on 8th August. Students can attempt the examination from the comfort of their homes. Technothlon’s question paper is unique in the way that it’s a theme based paper, which means that a participant goes through an intriguing journey while attempting the whole paper. Click here to have a look at the previous year question papers of technothlon. 

MAINS:- Top 50 ranked participants from each squad are invited to take part in the MAINS examination, which is conducted in IIT Guwahati during their Annual Techno-Management fest ‘Techniche’( the schedule and venue might change according to the prevailing covid conditions). Mains is a fun event based round, where the creativity, logic, judgement skills and persistence of a student is challenged through a series of practical application based events.

Why should you participate?
Logic-based paper: The questions in Technothlon are purely based on logic and require no prior knowledge of any academic syllabus, except basic logical analysis and fundamentals. Hence, this will help the participants to improve their logical and creative thinking, which further helps them to do better in academics and life as a whole.

Tech-analysis: Each student receives a detailed analysis of his/her performance in the Prelims round. This will aid in identifying the weak spots and help in overall development.

Exposure: The large scale of Technothlon ensures that the students get exposed to competitive exams even before JEE, CAT, NEET. As the students of all disciplines (Arts, Commerce, Medical, Non-Medical) appear for the exam, the competition is healthier than any other exams/olympiad around.

E-Certificates: All participants receive an E-Certificate from Technothlon, IIT Guwahati.

Mains Experience:- During the MAINS event, other than participating in the competitive activities, the students also get to attend “Techniche”, where over the years, there have been amazing lectures exclusively for Technothlon students by personalities like Paul Arion(Global Head of Layout at dNeg), Utpal Chakraborty(Al head at Yes bank), Christer Fuglesang(ESA astronaut), HC Verma( Author of the famous book “Concepts of physics”) and Frederick Raab(Head of LIGO observatory). 

Awards and recognitions:-

The top 250 students from each squad in Prelims examination are awarded Gold and Silver certificates from Technothlon, IIT Guwahati. Each city topper is awarded a gold medal and a city topper certificate.

Grand Prize of Technothlon:- The winners of Technothlon 2019 were awarded a six-day guided tour to NASA, and the runners-up got a six-day guided tour to ISRO. Apart from that, being crowned as the “Champion of Technothlon” is itself a validation of the fact that you’re no longer a part of the crowd, but the one who’ll dictate that crowd. Below are the glimpses of previous year’s grand prizes of Technothlon:- 

So, what are you waiting for, click here to register FREE OF COST for ‘Technothlon 2021’, and compete with the world to be a champion tomorrow.


  1. What's about the centers our school have 10, the center will came in school or at any another place.please reply me as soon as possible.

    1. The examination centres will be there in more than 200 Indian cities. Visit the organiser's website to see the list of centres which will be updated there soon. You may also contact the organisers to check whether there is an exam center in your city.

  2. Can we pair up with student of other school??

  3. The student should be of the same school and the same squad

  4. Can i fill form today also

  5. I can do registration today or not?

  6. From where we have to prepare for this test

  7. Visit Technothlon website, you will find previous year question papers under Downloads.
    All the best

  8. What is the assessment process where to send the omr sheetस attempted by students

    1. The organisers will send you the details in due course. If you haven't received the information yet, please contact the organisers


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