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Tuesday, 17 March 2020

InnoCTF International 2020

InnoCTF International is a Capture the Flag (CTF) competition hosted by Innopolis University team.

Innopolis University is a Russian higher education institution focused on education and research in the field of IT and Robotics, located in 40 km away from Kazan, the capital of Republic of Tatarstan, in Innopolis city.

Who can participate?
InnoCTF International is the international tournament targeted at high school and college students interested in Computer Science and Cybersecurity. CTFs are a great way for students to get interested in and learn techniques relevant to many fields of Computer Science. Anyone that enjoys learning and solving problems is encouraged to compete.

How can I participate?
Participants may compete in a team of 5 people, and will solve problems from various categories to score points. The best teams with the most points will be the winners and receive prizes at the end of the competition.

05/02/2020--01/05/2020  : Registration
05/05/2020--06/05/2020 : Qualifying stage
Format: Task-based
Location: On-line
05/07/2020--07/07/2020 : The final
Format: Red-blue battle

Location: Innopolis, Russia

Registration is open!

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