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Tuesday, 24 March 2020

CSIR Innovation Award for School Children (CIASC-2020)

CSIR invites students to send their original creative technological and design ideas in the form of proposal for the competition for CSIR innovation Award for School Children (CIASC·2020).

Applicant must submit the details of the innovation proposals, in English/Hindi (not more than 1000 words), along with a scanned copy of authentication letter from the school where the student is enrolled and details of the following information on a separate page: title of the Innovation, name and date of birth of the candidate, school and residential address, class, telephone no. (Residence/School) and e-mail address.

Applicant's Eligibility
Any Indian student below the age of 18 years as on 31st January, 2020 and enrolled in an Indian school can apply. A student or a group of students creating an invention together can make only one entry.

The innovation submitted should be one that is novel and utilitarian. It could be a new concept or idea or design or a solution to an existing problem or completely a new method/process/device/utility. It is encouraged that focus of students on innovation is through 'design ideas'. However, innovations related to other topics would be equally eligible.
Through screening and evaluation, the best so students will be shortlisted. These screened/shortlisted students will be provided training-cum-awareness related to IPR by the Innovation Protection Unit (IPU) of CSIR. Students may be accompanied by teachers during training programme to be held in Delhi. Training would be for two days during the month of July, 2020. TA would be provided to selected students and accompanying teachers. During the training programme, students would be imparted knowledge on Intellectual property rights including the concepts and would be trained to write patent applications/design applications.
The awardees will be selected by a high level Awards Selection Committee.
The decision of the Award Selection Committee/CSIR will be final and binding on the applicants and no enquiries/correspondence in this regard will be entertained. Award would be given on 26th September, 2020.

Whom to Send
Applications should be submitted online on email :ciasc.ipu@niscair.res.in followed by submission of the hard copy of the applications by Registered Post/Courier to: Head, Innovation Protection Unit-CS I R, N I SCAI R Building, 14, Satsang Vihar Marg, Special Institutional Area, New Delhi-110 067 with the envelope marked on top left hand corner 'CIASC-2020'.

There are in all 16 prizes. Besides a Certificate, the Cash Awards are:
First Prize (I No.) Rs. 1,00,000/-
Second Prize (2 Nos.) Rs. 50,000/- each
Third Prize (3 Nos.) Rs. 30,000/- each
Fourth Prize (5 Nos.) Rs. 20,000/- each
Fifth Prize (5 Nos.) Rs. 10,000/- each
It is not mandatory that all above 16 prizes for the award would be given.

Last Date for Submission of Proposal
30 April, 2020 

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