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Monday, 25 July 2022

Silverzone Foundation International Olympiad of Science

International Olympiad of Science (iOS) is that event of the Foundation which has captured the imagination of the budding talents of our upcoming generation. Since its very inception, the event has received rave reviews from the teachers and taught alike. It is a test of competence and proficiency in Science and is held annually at the National and International levels, based on syllabus prescribed by CBSE/ ICSE and the other State Boards. Apart from syllabus, a part of test paper is based on the Applied Science. The tests at local or regional level do not provide the right insight and judgement about the challenges ahead. iOS builds a solid foundation for school students to excel in Science based on ICSE, CBSE and State board syllabus. A comprehensive report based on Olympiad examination enables students to deliver deeper into their strengths and weaknesses and also motivates them towards excellence.

The Olympiad
Level 1
All the students of classes 1st to 12th are eligible to take part in Level 1.

Level 2
Top 1000 International Olympiad Rank holder’s (iOM, iOS, iOEL) of first level from each class will compete for the top position in 2nd level examination provided they secure minimum 50% marks.

In addition to the above criteria, all Class 1st Rank holders having more than 75% marks (In Level 1) for schools having more than 100 participants in (iOM, iOS, iOEL) are also eligible for Level 2.

Level 3
Olympiad 1st Rank Holders of classes 6th to 12th from 2nd level will be eligible for Level 3. Level 3 will be conducted at New Delhi, India.

The Olympiad is organized in the respective schools of the participants during the school hours. The structure of the event (iOS) stands as the following:

An objective-type test of 60 minutes duration, comprising 40 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for classes I and II; and 50 MCQs for the classes III to XII. The question paper is class specific and usually consists of three sections:
(i) Section-1: Science

(ii) Section-2: Reasoning and Aptitude

(iii)Section-3: Scholar’s Zone

The medium of the test is English only.
The iOS is conducted on two dates. Each school may select a date for conducting the Olympiad as per its convenience. Each date of the Olympiad has a separate set of question papers.

Registration of Students
The prospectus containing the Registration Forms of iOS are sent to all the schools registered with the SilverZone Foundation.

The schools which are NOT registered with the Foundation may also request for prospectus by sending an e-mail at or by calling the Foundation on 011-26166210, 11, and 12.

The schools must return the Registration Forms, properly filled in and complete in all respects, by the due date to the Foundation.

*A student can register through his/her respective school only. Individual registrations by students are not accepted.

International Olympiad Winners -

For up to 10 students getting same rank, award amount will be distributed equally. In addition, each winner will be awarded a Trophy in the applicable category and Certificate
In case 11 & more students get same rank, in lieu of cash award, each winner will be awarded with exciting prize + a medal ( in the applicable category) and a Certificate.
Rank. No. Award
4th to 10th 4th to 10th Olympiad rank holders of each class will be awarded with wrist watches.
11th to 25th 11thto 25th Olympiad rank holders of each class will be awarded with exciting prizes.
26th to 500th 26th to 500th Olympiad rank holders of each class will be awarded with the topper achievement certificate.
1st, 2nd 3rd Class Topper 1st, 2nd 3rd rank holders of every class of each school will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals respectively, provided the topper obtains at least 50% marks.
All All participants will be awarded with the Student Participation Certificate (SPC) and Descriptive Assessment Report.

Important Dates

As iOS 2022 is being organised at National and International level, due to various reasons, it is not possible to conduct the olympiad on a specific single date. The Science Olympiad will be conducted on Thursday 17-11-2022 and Thursday 15-12-2022. Please decide the date which is suitable to your school.
Last date of Registration is 31-Aug-2022

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