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Sunday 17 March 2024

8th Annual Writing Competiton 2023 - Wildlife: Nature’s Stars

It's this time of the year again! Our Kids World Travel Guide competition is now open! 

Kids World Travel Guide invites you to join in the 8th annual essay competition - 2023 Theme: 'Wildlife: Nature’s Stars'
2024 Theme: 'My Culture - Who I am'

This year we want to learn more about each other. And what better way than sharing our passions, favourite rituals and the traditions we celebrate? Tell us who you are. What drives you? What are your favourite places, favourite festivals and popular rituals in your family or community? How can we understand you better and learn from each other?

The world is changing constantly. People move from place to place, some because they have to as they have been displaced from their home countries due to war, hunger or natural disasters, others because they want to find jobs or follow family members in other parts of the world or simply want to travel, learn and experience how other people live.

More than ever before, struggles and unrest even in our local communities create challenges, wherever we live. 

Learning about our own upbringing and cultural background as well as researching other countries and people will help us understand diverse belief systems, diverse religious and cultural practises and value different perceptions.

Researching our own favourite traditions, rituals and practises as well as those of minorities living in our own country will also make us understand what drives our cultural identity. 

Welcoming newcomers to our communities also shows us the similarities between people of different backgrounds and this understanding will help create a more peaceful and better world for us all.

Diversity is key for living in a peaceful world where we all practise respect, tolerance and kindness. Remember, we all are one!

Writing Competition 2024

Junior Category: 8 - 11 years
Essay length: minimum 300 words - maximum 500 words 

The essay may include the following topics:

My favourite holiday (Tell us about a special holiday in your country, province or region and how this day is celebrated in your community)
My favourite tradition (Research a celebration or religion tradition and tell us about it and why you choose this special tradition and how it influences your daily activities)
My favourite traditional food (Research the background of this dish and share when it's eaten, how its enjoyed and maybe share a family recipe)
My favourite festival (Tell us about your favourite cultural festival and experiences that shaped u. Do you have special heritage celebrations in your country?)
A special cultural activity (Which activity or tradition is practised in your family or community and why? Do you have special rituals in your family that structure your day/ week/ year?)
My favourite book about culture and tradition (What is the book about, what makes this book so outstanding and why do you like it so much?)
My favourite hero (Research a community leader and tell us about the achievements of this person and what it can teach us.)
If I were a leader...My dream of being a community leader (What do you hope to experience when you lead your community?)
The essay has to be submitted in English, but may include words or phrases in a foreign language.

Senior Category: 12 - 15 years

Essay length: minimum 500 words - maximum 700 words - AI composed essays will not be accepted!

The essay may include the following topics:

Rituals and traditional practises in my community that shape my cultural identity
Religions and cultural traditions in my country
Presentation of an endangered ethnic group or language
Inspiring traditions and customs of local communities, tribes, ethnic groups
Biography of a community leader, philantrosoph, pacifist or peacemaker
Who I am - What shapes my identity
Tell us about fascinating spiritual places and inspirational traditional places; describe your favourite mosque, church, temple, synagogue, gurdwara, mandir or community meeting place
Role of tourism in promoting cultural understanding
Create your own tribe or community and share your most important practises, laws and ideals
The essay has to be submitted in English, but may include words or phrases in a foreign language (with comments and translations, please).

This year’s deadline is strictly

1 October 2024 (10:00 pm/ 22:00 UTC).

Writing Competition Entry Fee: None. 
Entries are open from anybody in the specified age groups and from anywhere in the world. However, only online entries on the specified entry form are accepted. Entries open until 1 October 2023. 

Writing Competition Prizes:
Each of the category winners (8-11 years/ 12-15 years) will receive a voucher of US $50. The runner-up in each category will win a prize worth $25.

No participation certificates will be provided if not agreed and confirmed by Kids World Travel Guide.

The best essays in each category of the writing competition will be published on Kids-World-Travel-Guide.com and thus will be seen by thousands of visitors! The winning essays are also great publicity for your school, so let your teacher or headmaster know about this valuable and free opportunity to spread the word.


  1. Can a child who completes 8 years in August participate from India?

    1. Age is given as on March. Contact organisers for clarfication


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