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Wednesday, 29 March 2023

All India Painting Competition 'Meri Kalpana'

Every year Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation organises national level painting competitions for all professional artists, school-college's teachers and students, academics, students of fine arts institutes and art lovers, who are 18 years or above. The purpose of this competition has been to eliminate the discrimination of every class from our society and to awaken the spirit of unity. For this, every year we provide a new theme to the artists, in which the artist brings his/her feelings and imagination onto the canvas through colors. This year's theme is 'Meri Kalpana', in which you can paint your imagination on canvas or paper and give a beautiful message to society through your painting. The winners of this competition get cash prizes, trophies, scholarships and award certificates as well as a chance to exhibit their artwork in the national level art exhibition.

+ Trophy + Award Certificate
+ Trophy + Award Certificate
+ Trophy + Award Certificate
+ Trophy + Award Certificate
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Top 30 Nominated Artists Get Free Opportunity to Participate in Group Exhibition on the National Level.
Participation Certificate will be Provided to All the Participants

Competition Theme / Topic

If seen, there is no end to our imagination, we all have the freedom to think. Every person has their own imagination, but the artist has the power to present their imagination through their painting. The thinking of an artist is the mirror of society. With this thought, the theme of this year's competition has been kept 'Meri Kalpana' so that all artists through their imagination can present their art on canvas in such a way that it can give a new look to society.

Last Date for Submission
October 8th, 2023 (Sunday)

Declaration of Result
December 10th, 2023 (Sunday)

Participation Fee
For NSACO Members : Entry Free
Other Participants : Rs 300/-

Eligibilities / Who Can Participate
Minimum age of 18 years is eligible to participate.
All professional artists, school-college teachers and students, academics, students of fine arts institutes, and art lovers, anybody who has an inclination for painting.
Members of the 'Selection Committee' are not allowed to participate.

Artwork Size
The painting must be between a minimum of 12 X 18 inches to a maximum of 36 X 48 inches.
Medium to be Used
You can choose any medium
You can use only Ivory Sheet, Cartridge Sheet or Canvas for surface
Glitter or decoration material cannot be pasted or used in artwork

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