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Saturday, 21 May 2022

National Astronomy & Space Olympiad (NASO)

This is India's first Astronomy & Science Olympiad aimed at creating awareness among School Students towards Astro Science. This is The best platform for students to explore themselves into concepts of Astro Science.

NASO comes up with a concept called ' Explore NASA with NASO '. Where children who perform top in this competition gets an opportunity to visit for Kennedy space station NASA(Houston) and runners will have an opportunity to attend exposure camp at Singapore Science City". We make sure that our exams are well organized and competitive enough to enable our students to come out top in any international competition they venture into.


Students of Class II to X

Salient features of NASO:

Every enrolled student will get complimentary:

e-Books worth Rs. 120, (Mock Tests & Previous Question papers)

Online Quiz Session by Ex-NASA Astronomer worth Rs. 29/-

Astronomy Board Game Worth Rs. 100

Each participating student gets a Participation Certificate & a subject wise Performance Report analyzing his/her performance, strengths & weaknesses and comparison of performance with students across the city, state and country.

Awards to school toppers, state toppers and international toppers.

Recognition, mementos, gifts and certificate-of-appreciation for school Principals and Teachers.




Possible Dates



Meet an Astronomer

(Talk by an eminent ISRO Scientist)

Robotic telescopes

(Operate the NASA telescope from your home)

Virtual Observation Session

First Week 

of Aug

Last Week 

of Aug




Fly Mars Helicopter

(Design and make the Helicopter)

Virtual hands-on Session

Rocket by Skyroot Aerospace

(Launch your own Rocket)

Virtual hands-on Session

First Week of Sep


Last Week of Sep


Space Science


World Space Week

(Asteroid Defender Contest) Virtual Contest

Build App for NASA

(Guided learning for app for space) 

Virtual Coding Session

First Week 

of Oct

Last Week of Oct




Asteroid search Campaign

(A guide into finding and reporting asteroids) Virtual Citizen Science Session

Meteor Observation Campaign

(Observe and submit to IMO) 

Virtual Astronomy Session

First Week 

of Nov


Last Week 

of Nov


Space Science


Space Settlement Design

(The life beyond earth) 

Virtual Contest Preparation Session

Satellite Making

(Talk by an eminent Scientist) Virtual Talk

First Week 

of Dec


Last Week 

of Dec

Schedule of NASO Exam:

31st Aug 2022

Closing date for contest registration

1st Sep 2022

School can download student contest packs Free (Question Banks / E-books)

30th Nov 2022

Receipt of Question Paper sets & OMR sheets at schools OR Online Mode IDs

17th Dec 2022

NASO Level-1 in India/International

6th Jan 2023

NASO Level-1 in  India/International

30th Jan 2023

Announcement of Level-1 results on

20th Feb 2023

NASO Level-2 Examination

27th Feb 2023

Receipt of Level-1 Certificates & Medals to schools

1st March 2023

Announcement of results Level-2 results on


For Indian Schools: Rs. 250 Per Student

For International schools: 12 USD Per Student 


 1st Prize Winners be a part of Navars’ SATELLITE program

 2nd Prize Winners will be sponsored to the ISRO Education Trip for 3 days.

 3rd Prize Winners will get Navars Online Astronomy Course worth Rs. 15,000.   

 4th Prize Telescopes

 5th Prize DIY Hands on Activity Kit Packs

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