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Tuesday, 24 August 2021

National Entrepreneurship Challenge: E-Cell IIT Bombay

E-Cell IIT Bombay welcomes  you to the National Entrepreneurship Challenge

What is NEC?
Entrepreneurship Cell is essential for any college because it develops students’ entrepreneurial spirit, which we believe is instrumental for our country to develop. NEC is the platform that helps colleges to build an actively functioning E-Cell. It’s a 6 month-long competition where we guide students by giving them tasks that are essential for any Entrepreneurship cell to work smoothly.

Created with the idea of developing entrepreneurship from grassroots, NCE plan to promote entrepreneurship among the younger generation of the country and make sure that youngsters don’t feel that starting up a company is rocket science. National Entrepreneurship Challenge plans to develop entrepreneurship developing bodies in each student campus of India. It is the first of its kind pan India challenge.


Basic Track

The Basic track is for colleges that don't have an active Entrepreneurship Cell functioning. Teams who are enthusiastic about spreading awareness about entrepreneurship and forming an Entrepreneurship Cell from scratch in their college/institution are invited to participate in this track. Minimum 5 team members are required for participation.

Advance Track

Join the NEC Advance track to take your E-Cell to unimaginable heights, if your college has an E-Cell, which can conduct events, workshops, and interactive sessions effectively that feed the entrepreneurial hunger in your institution. In that case, Advanced is the right track for you. It will help you in scaling up the level and reach of your events, and hence, it will enable you to establish a strong and active entrepreneurial community within and outside your college. Minimum 5 team members are required for participation.

Registered teams to adhere to the following rules throughout the competition.
More rules can be added at the discretion of E-Cell, IIT Bombay.

Only one team will be allowed to represent a college in the challenge.

In case of multiple entries from the same college, the teams would be clubbed together in a single team.

For selecting a Team Leader from a college, we will connect the entries before 1st September. After the mutual agreement between multiple teams within 3 days, Team Leader should be decided and an official document with new team members should be submitted by 4th September.

After 1st September, i.e. if there are still multiple teams from the same college, the execution of Preliminary tasks should be done by the teams in collaboration with each other. They can give the submissions separately although.

If multiple submissions(of Preliminary task) even after 4th Sept the better performing entry reserves the right to select the team leader and further entries would be clubbed.

After you apply for the Basic track, the decision to let you continue in Basic track remains with E-Cell, IIT Bombay. We can even make you participate in Advance track. The decision made by E-Cell IITB will be the final and unquestionable.

Semifinalist teams will be selected based on their performance in preliminary tasks.

Please find attached NEC Brochure here. This can be used to show to your faculty when required.

For all live events and sessions, you must go live on any of the social media pages of your E Cell (Facebook)

You can add other team members after registration, but it is preferable that you do it as soon as possible. However, you must have at least 3 members in the team prior to registration.

Winners of last year are not allowed to participate this year.

Team Size: Minimum - 5 Members; Recommended - 15 to 20 Members

Teams who are participating for the first time & don't have an E-Cell in their college are advised to register in the BASIC track.
Previous teams who were a part of the BASIC track but not in the TOP 10 are allowed to register in the BASIC track only if there is a change of more than 50% in the team.
It is mandatory for the top 10 teams ( BASIC ) of previous years to participate in ADVANCE track this year
Teams who took part in the ADVANCED track last year are not allowed to register in the BASIC track.
NOTE : The Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay reserves the final right to place a particular team in a fitting track.

Registration Deadline
12 September, 2021

How to Apply?
Register yourself here for basic track and here for advance track. Do it only after you have found out if there is an existing team from your college or not. You can check that while filling the registration form on entering the college name. Details of the team leader will appear on the form for already registered teams.

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