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Sunday, 12 June 2022

Global Olympiad on Aptitude

International Finance Olympiad after successfully establishing itself in Indian as well as Middle east countries along with Pratham Test Prep – a pioneer name in North India in Aptitude testing that has always envisioned for a bright & strong tomorrow for our country launches Global Olympiad on Aptitude for classes 8th to 12th. With a vision of making students understand the value of Aptitude and know its dynamics at a young age.

The kids of today, who will become the youth of tomorrow need to be strategic in thinking and also require a holistic development. The education sector is undergoing a major revamp. The competition among students is getting fiercer. The need to make the students' aptitude friendly is the need of the hour.

Next to intelligence, aptitude is considered to be another important characteristic of an individual which can predict success in a course of study or career. It is asserted that aptitudes are related to vocational success as intelligence is related to success in life in general.

Who Can Apply
Students of class 8th to 12th can register for Global Olympiad on Aptitude
Students can register either through their school or individually

Associate your school for Global Olympiad on Aptitude and extend a platform to your students to perform well in the field of study and understanding the concepts of learning.

In an unlikely event if your school does not associate, register directly as an independent applicant for the competition.

Online Learning Portal
Every student will be given access to an individual online account - LMS. Brief about the content is provided in this online account. Students can practice through giving quizzes.

Engaging Campaign
Series of competitions from School level to Regional level make sure multi-fold exposure for students. Students are assessed on written tests in both School and Regional Rounds

Awards & Recognition
School Winners and Regional Winners will be awarded Cash Prizes worth 1 Lakh. Each participating student gets a Certificate of Participation at School and Regional Level

Fee: Rs 375

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