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Monday 14 August 2023

Unified International English Olympiad (UIEO)

English is the language most widely used for communication and the first global lingua franca. In the modern era, English happens to be the most popular and the most spoken language. Children who know English not only excel in exams but are known to do well in practically every aspect of their dealings.

Assessment of one’s language skills is the key to identifying and measuring one’s “educational achievement”. People’s lives around the world are shaped by the outcomes of such assessments, which they receive as part of their education process.

Assessment is used at all the times in every field, for taking decisions. However, the holistic assessment we offer is extremely useful as it helps shape the future of an individual and plays a critical role in the process of laying foundation for his/her career.

Hence UIEO’s effort is to present its students with an all-encompassing assessment that will place them at the threshold of easier learning and mastering the language of the world, in the easiest and the quickest way.

Student of classes 2, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 & 10 are eligible to participate in this examination.

Exam Schedule:
Dates of Examination :
Offline Exam dates: (for Registrations through Schools) 04-11-2022 (Friday) & 18-11-2022(Friday)
Online Exam Date: (for Direct Registrations) 20-11-2022 (Sunday)

Exam Fee:
Rs. 150/- (Rupees One Hundred and Fifty only)
Students desirous of referring to Olympiad Power Pack should add Rs.80 for a set of Question papers

Exam Pattern:
There will be a different question paper for each class. All the questions are objective-type with no negative marking for wrong answers.

UIEO question papers are more class-specific than syllabus-specific. Please refer the syllabus provided.

Unified International English Olympiad question papers are suitable for students following CBSE/ICSE/ISC and various other State Board syllabi.

A. The top Rankers and next 2 Rankers in each class are awarded a Laptop and a Tablet PC + Memento + Medal, each.

B. The next 12 rankers of each class (Ranks 4-15) are awarded a cash prize of Rs. 1000 each.

Top 100 rankers in each class are awarded with Olympiad Coach Online Subscription worth Rs. 1198,.

Top 100 rankers from each class (2-4) will be awarded Hand Book of Science - Junior and from classes (5-10) will be awarded Awesome English , a Medal and a Certificate of Appreciation.

Prizes For Zone Toppers
Top 3 rankers in each Zone are awarded with Olympiad Coach Online Subscription worth Rs. 1198,, a Medal and Certificate of Appreciation.

Note: Zone-wise ranks are declared after excluding the top 100 ranks across the country.

Class Topper
We declare 3 Class Toppers per class in each School.Class Toppers are awarded a medal and a Certificate of Appreciation.

Certificate and Student’s Performance Report (SPR) for all the participants.

Interpreting Results
Ranking: When more than one student gets an equal top score, priority for awarding ranks will be according to the marks acquired in the specified order of sections in the question paper.

In case of a tie in deciding a rank because of the same marks, the time taken for completing the test is considered for deciding the rank. One who has taken less time for completing, gets the upper rank.

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