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Tuesday, 18 May 2021

23rd International Child Art Exhibition 2021

Organised by Kshitij a society is formed to promote art by organizing exhibitions of paintings, greeting cards, cartoon at national & international level. Art has the power to depict our consciousness and this in turn should depict our love and concern for “NATURE”, which is this year’s big theme across the globe.

Entries must be on the theme/subject Prakriti - “Nature” & Related to Corona Virus.

Each Institution/ School or a group of students should send minimum of 20 entries however there is no limit to maximum entries. Below 20 entries will not be accepted.
Only Life members are allowed to participate individually. A minimum of 5 entries is require to be sent by a life member from India & 10 entries in case of International life members.

Entry means a Painting/ Greeting/ Cartoon.
Entries must be on paper.
Entries can be in respect of any subject or theme. The student himself must make entries.
No copied works are allowed. The works aided by some other persons, can be rejected at any stage.
Art work can be made in any medium, like Water Colors, Pastels, Pencils or Paper Cuttings etc.
Parcel of entries should be packed properly.

Every entry should have on its back:- (USE ONLY CAPITAL LETTERS)
*Participant's Name
*Group & Class
*School Name (in Short Form), City & Country
Full details of participant should be in clear legible block letters on the back of entry, failure of which would make the entry liable to be rejected on the option of management.

Renowned personality in respective field will judge the entries. The decision of the jury, formed for this purpose will be final without any jurisdiction.
Result (under online result) & Exhibition of award winning entries (under gallery option) will be displayed on the website www.kshitij.org latest by 31st December 2020.

Group K - Age less than 5 Year (Class KG, Nursery etc.)
Group A - 1st Standard (Age up 5+ to 6 Year)
Group B - 2nd to 3rd Standard (Age up to 6+ to 8 Year)
Group C - 4th to 6th Standard (Age up to 8+ to 11 Year)
Group D - 7th to 9th Standard (Age up to 11+ to 14 Year)
Group E - 10th to 12th Standard (Age up to 14+ to 18 Year)
Group F - For Handicap Participants (No Age Limit)
Group G - For Life Members (No Age Limit)
Group H - Individual Kids (Without paying Life membership Fee)
Group I - Artists and Art Teachers

Entry fee upto 12th Class students :

School/ Institute/ Art Hobby Centre can participate with minimum 20 entries however there is no limit to maximum entries.

Art & Hobby Classes : Rs. 200 per art work/entry from Art & Hobby Classes.

Regular General Indian School : Rs. 150 per art work/entry from Indian school participants.

International Schools : Rs. 375 or equal amount of other currency.

Individual Group/Art Hobby Centre/School : Indian Participants can send their entries between 2 to 19 number @ Rs. 300 per entry.

Life members are also allowed to participate individually. For Indian Life members Entry Fee is Rs. 500 & International Life members Entry Fee Rs. 2500 will be charge for any no. of entries from each participant. Life member form is available at :-http://www.kshitij.org/lifemember's.htm

(Life membership Fee is Rs. 2000 onetime)

Size of the Painting/ Cartoon should not exceed 15" x 11" & Size of Greeting should not exceed 7"x10".
No mounted work will be entertained.


Deserving Art Work/ Entries will be Awarded by Gold Medal, Silver Medal, Bronze Medal and Certificate of Honour in each group.

Every Participant will be awarded a Certificate of Merit.

A separate category of awards is made for Life Members and Handicap participants.

Kshitij Ratna Award (+ 200 Entries), Kshitij Kalashri Award (+ 100 Entries) & Kshitij Prateek Award  will be awarded to Teacher & Principal who send entries between 61 to 99.

Please visit organiser's website for complete information

Last Date:
31st July, 2021

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