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Monday, 10 February 2020

Clash of Pi: Online Inter-school mathematics challenge

Clash of Pi is designed to simulate real world conceptual tests and to benchmark students based on their mathematical aptitude. The future of Mathematics is right here! Students compete against their peers from the world’s best schools. They learn to maximize speed of problem solving while maintaining a high level of accuracy. Flipping the learning process so that there is a positive feedback loop, Clash of Pi allows students to continuously map their progress, benchmark themselves and improve their mathematics skills. Register with Clash of Pi and become part of the next generation of math learners. Rigorous, Advanced and Exciting.It is our goal to make mathematics learning a continuous process.

Global Math Circuit
April 17 -19, 2020

Students of Class III to XII

How it Works?
Any school with greater than 100 participants may register as a team
Challenge rounds are conducted monthly. Detailed information for each round is available on the website

Contest Format
12 month rolling circuit
5 Rounds (4 specialist and 1 generalist)
2 Qualifiers and 1 Final per domain round

Scoring Parameters
School team points are computed based on individual team member scores, consistency of performance and difficulty level of questions solved. Scores are updated monthly, based on the following parameters

Global Mathematics Circuit Calendar
Qualifier 1
Apr 17th-19th, 2020
Jun 19th-21st, 2020
Aug 21st-23rd, 2020
Oct 16th-18th, 2020
Dec 18th-20th, 2020
Qualifier 2
May 15th-17th, 2020
Jul 17th-19th, 2020
Sep 18th-20th, 2020
Nov 20th-22nd, 2020
Jan 22nd-24th, 2021
Jun 6th, 2020
Aug 1st, 2020
Oct 3rd, 2020
Dec 5th, 2020
Feb 6th, 2021

Please note that the circuit follows a rolling 12-month calendar. As such, students may enrol at any time in the year. No matter when you join, you will get access to 10 Qualifier rounds and 5 Finals. There is no penalty or disadvantage to joining the circuit at any time. Please refer to the section on Scoring Parameters for more details.
Global Awards
• Top 100 Ranks & Certificates 
• Power Performer Certificates

National Awards
Top 100 National Ranks

School Awards
School Achiever Certificates (Top 10 in each school)

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