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Saturday 16 March 2024

Handwriting Olympiad 2024-25 - Registration Open

The Handwriting Competition, recognized as the largest of its kind worldwide, encompasses students from 1st to 12th Standard. It takes place within the premises of the school, reaching students across India.

The participants’ handwriting is meticulously assessed by Handwriting Experts affiliated with ‘Write 2 Right,’ the world’s leading network of Handwriting Institutes. These experts identify errors within the handwriting and provide personalized and actionable advice to enhance legibility. In recognition of outstanding penmanship, the finest writings are honored with trophies, medals, and gifts.

Category : A  (IX to XII  Std) Category : B (V to VIII Std. ) Category :  C ( I to IV Std.)

Selection Process
School Champions /Runner-ups – Best 3 writing from each category are awarded. 
State Champions /Runner-ups –  The best 2 writing are selected from among the School Champions of all  participating Schools of a state (2 from each category). State champions qualify directly for the Grand Finale. 
Pre – Final Qualifiers: In addition to above , the best 60 Handwritings from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranked
writings of all participating schools of a state shall be selected and will be eligible to participate in the
pre –final competition to be conducted at a pre decided venue (20 students from each category).
60 students from each state to complete in the Pre – qualifiers. 
Participants in National Level –  6 State Champions from each State and 30 qualifiers selected from
Pre-qualifier competition to complete in the National Level competition.

Exciting prizes and state and national levels

Registration Closes: December 7, 2024
National Level Exam Date: January 23, 2025

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