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Friday 10 November 2023

All India Sudoku Championship Winter 2023

The name “Sudoku” is derived from the Japanese suuji wa dokushin ni kagiru which means “the numbers (or digits) must remain single. It’s a puzzle with deep roots in Asian history and played across the globe.

What is All India Sudoku Championship by Malsar?

All India Sudoku Championship is organised twice a year (Summer Edition and Winter Edition)by MALSAR . The events is attended by participants from Metro cities to small towns to even the remotest parts of India. This contest is aimed at spreading awareness and encouraging Sudoku culture in the country inspiring people of all ages to keep their minds young and rewarding the best Sudoku solvers of the country.

The championship comprises three rounds - easy, medium, and hard - each with an elimination process. Complete details will be shared with registered participants, ensuring they are well-prepared for the competition. The problems used will be of many different types.

Tentative Schedule(this is a tentative Schedule and can change basis the organiser decision) :

12 Dec Additional Paid Practice 7 to 8 pm

14 Dec Complimentary practice 7 to 8 pm

16 Dec Championship

Round 1: 11 am to 12.30 pm
Round 2: 2 to 3.30 pm
23 Dec Championship

Round 3: 11am to 12.30 pm

Steps for Participation

1. Register and pay the fee to participate.

2. The rules and complete event details will be sent by Dec 10th.

3. Join the contest on Dec 16 at 11:00 AM through the platform specified by the organizer.

4. Winners will be announced on Dec 23 at 7 PM on Malsar's Instagram page(

5. Medals will be dispatched by Dec 31 to the winners.

Prizes at Stake:

Overall Rank 

Rank 1 - ₹1000 +Exclusive Medal 
Rank 2 - ₹ 700 + Exclusive Medal 
Rank 3 - ₹ 500 + Exclusive Medal 
Rank 4 - ₹ 400
Rank 5- ₹ 300
Rank 6 & 7 - 50% off on next round
Rank 1 to 30- e-certificate with Rank
Age based Awards

Under 11 Rank 1 : Exclusive Medal 
Above 50 Rank 1: Exclusive Medal

There is no restriction of any kind anyone can participate .Our oldest participant has been 83 year old to youngest 7 year old

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