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Tuesday, 7 June 2022

Game of Facts - India Facts Quiz

Live Data Visualisation Private Limited presents Game of Facts Live Quizzing using Zoom & Kahoot!

Open to All

How can I participate in India Fact Quiz's Game of Facts?

All you need are 2 devices to participate:
A laptop/phone/tablet to join the Webinar
Another phone/laptop/tablet to log on to on your device's browser
You may use a single device as long as you are comfortable toggling between Zoom and
Enter the game pin you see on the webinar screen.
Enter your correct name and wait for the quiz to start.
Registration is mandatory. Only registered participants will be eligible for prizes. T&C apply!

*Terms & Conditions:

Participants must log in at 4:45 PM on the link. The quiz will start at 5 PM sharp.
The quizmaster will explain the steps required to participate in the quiz.
Participants can continue to join in but once the quiz is underway, the questions will not be repeated on the behest of the participants.
Participant may also be denied entry if the seats are filled.
Only registered participants who log in to the webinar will be eligible for prizes.
Participants need to enter their correct name and proxies will not be entertained. 
Claims for prizes have to be made using the email id used for the webinar registration.
Winners must send the email to with the subject line "Game of Facts" along with a screenshot of their score.
Our team will respond and verify contact details for the distribution of the prizes.
All participants will be muted during the quiz play. Once the quiz is over, winner names may be called out according to the leaderboard for an interaction with the quizmaster.
There are no points for answering in the chat section, all answers must be selected on
All participants must maintain civility during the quiz. Any participant found behaving untowardly will be removed from the quiz immediately.
The leaderboard scores will be final and no disputes will be addressed post the quiz.

Free registration

Registration Deadline
25 Feb 23, 06:00 PM IST

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