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Friday, 29 May 2020

2020 APL Problem Solving Competition

Dyalog Ltd invites you to use the APL programming language and your problem solving skills to compete for a total of USD 6,500 in cash prizes and a paid trip to the next Dyalog user meeting.

Don't know APL?
Would you like to be able to translate know-how into computer-based solutions quickly and efficiently? APL is an array-oriented programming language that will change the way you think about problems and data. It doesn't take long to learn enough to participate in this competition. Many previous winners of this competition learned APL after they heard about the competition. APL is easy to learn and fun to use, and this is your opportunity to profit from the experience!

Only those in full-time education are eligible to win the majority of prizes, although there is a non-student prize that is available if you're not in full-time education.

You do not need to submit an entry in Phase II to win a Phase I prize, but to win the grand, second, third or non-student prize, you must complete at least one Phase I problem and at least a minimum set of solutions in Phase II.

Grand prize
USD 2,500 cash prize and an invitation to attend the next Dyalog user meeting. At the user meeting, the winner will receive their prize and have the opportunity to present their winning work. Dyalog Ltd will cover all user meeting fees and travel costs up to USD 3,500, plus USD 500 for incidental expenses, for the winner, but not for family or friends. The winning student is responsible for visas, travel documents and other necessary arrangements and must be legally able to travel.

Second prize
USD 1,250 cash prize.

Third prize
USD 750 cash prize.

Phase II prizes (5 random participants)
USD 200 in cash to 5 participants who submit at least one correct entry for Phase II of the competition, selected at random.

Phase I prizes (top 10)
USD 100 in cash to each of the top 10 Phase I participants.

Non-student prize
One non-student participant will win complimentary registration and accommodation for the next Dyalog user meeting. The winning non-student is responsible for visas, travel documents and other necessary arrangements and must be legally able to travel.

The competition is open to everyone except Dyalog employees and problem set contributors. Proof of full-time primary, secondary, college or graduate enrollment is necessary to win any of the prizes, except the non-student prize. You can be on a sabbatical as long as you will be returning to full-time student status within a year.

How to Participate
Timeline for 2020
These are the important dates in this year's competition:

Friday, July 31, 2020 at 23:00 UTC
The competition closes. All entries must be submitted by this time. It doesn't matter when you submit your entries as long as it's before this deadline. You can submit as many times as you like, only the final submission before the deadline will be judged. Submissions are judged only after the deadline has been reached.

Friday, August 21, 2020
Announcement of the winners of the competition (they will be formally notified by e-mail by this date).

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